Why Raw Food

If You Look Good, You Feel Good

Photo by bruce mars

The other day my grandmother and I were talking, and she exclaimed:

“If you look good, you feel good.”

Taken at face value, we always assume that simply putting on a fun new outfit, or getting a hair cut can make us look good, and therefore feel good. This in turn helps us to act more confidently.

Somehow my brain decided to analyze the phrase in terms of raw food, or general health. What if looking good is actually a side effect of being healthy? Of feeling good?

That prompted the question, which one comes first: feeling good or looking good?

Which Came First?

Anthony the Raw Model credits his success in the modeling world with learning about raw foods.

From an evolutionary standpoint, human beings are most likely to be attracted to good-looking human beings.

For instance, a woman would pick a good-looking and confident man to have children with. Good looks are generally a sign of health, which means that the man will live long enough to protect the family, and the children will have strong healthy genes.

We often hear of beautiful men or women getting better treatment in life. I think it’s actually genetically hardwired into us to treat beautiful people well. We help people who are good-looking, because we know they are healthy, and they will go far in life.

I’m not talking about tons of plastic surgery, fake beauty, or beauty for the sake of trying to get ahead in Hollywood. I’m talking about genuine beauty, the one that tells people you are healthy, you are a vibrant human being, and you are a genuine person.

How do we know which one came first? Is it because someone is beautiful that they feel good? Or is it because someone feels good that they look good?

When you have healthy internal organs, you are less likely to experience symptoms of a weak system: clear skin, strong nails and teeth, bountiful hair, and your ideal weight.

Getting The Raw Glow

If there’s one thing that happens for most people when they go raw, it’s that they develop the raw glow. Their eyes are shinier, their skin is clear, they have rosy cheeks, and their bodies become slim.

Some of these things happen more quickly for some than for others. Similarly, if the raw diet is not done correctly, there could be further side effects.

Along with the raw glow, people tend to experience more energy, and a more vibrant life. That’s what I call feeling good.

With the raw glow, I’m convinced that it is healing the internal parts of our body, that makes us feel good, which in turn makes us look good.

More Beautiful Raw Foodists

I kind of feel bad singling out specific raw foodists as “beautiful”, because to me every one is beautiful, in their own way. So if you’re not in this list, please recognize that this is just a small sample of gorgeous raw eating people, and that beauty has a lot to do with how you feel.