From Tired, Overweight, and Depressed to Radiant Beauty with Whole / Raw Foods

Dawnmarie Raw Foods Before & After

This is a guest post by Dawnmarie, read on to hear her story of transformation with raw foods.

The year 2006 was the worst year of my life. My best friend of 15 years and I had a falling out. My Grandmother died. I lost my job. I opened my own practice only to close 9 months later in near bankruptcy because of low reimbursement from insurance companies. My husband left. I found a new partner. He left. My dog was diagnosed with ehrlichia.

My life was starting to sound like a country music song. But perhaps the most devastating news came from my ob/gyn.

You aren’t fertile. Your FSH is too high. You need an egg donor.

Having wanted children all my life, now 37 and without a partner, my chances were quite grim.

Not only would I need a sperm donor, but also an egg donor. There must be a way to restore my fertility.

In addition, at the time, I was taking a pharmacy load of medications:

  • Wellbutrin for ADHD and depression.
  • Lamictal for refractory depression (standard antidepressants no longer worked).
  • Strattera for ADHD.
  • Klonopin for anxiety.
  • Citrucel for my irritable bowel with constipation.
  • Bottles and bottles of Advil for various aches and pains, headaches and menstrual cramps.
  • Glucosamine for joint pain.
  • Coffee to wake me up in the morning.
  • Sleeping aids to get me to sleep at night.

I was 155 pounds, heavy for my 5″7 frame. My cholesterol was elevated. And, I had acne. All of the time. I didn’t recognize who I had become. And I didn’t like her.

Discovering Raw Food

My friend Leslie, at the same time my husband left, decided to “go raw” for a few weeks to do a “cleanse.” I thought this was ridiculous and unnecessary.

Meat and dairy are essential to a balanced diet. Its good for you. Or so I thought and so I had learned.

While my world continued to spiral down, I noticed Leslie’s was improving. She became my emotional rock and she was no longer so fragile.

Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine

She continued to tell me about “raw” and I continued to dismiss her. But for Christmas, to support her, I bought her Gabriel Cousens’ book Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine. And I did myself the favor and read the introduction.

There was one thing that he said that I wanted to hear, you can “change hormone production with a living food diet.

A month later, when I arrived in California for a job so that I could prevent bankruptcy, I “went raw.”

After three months, I was no longer anxious. I didn’t need Klonopin.

After six months, I didn’t feel depressed. I stopped the Lamictal. Several months later, I didn’t need the Wellbutrin, either. Strattera was causing my blood sugars to rise. I stopped it, and they normalized. The Citrucel sat on my shelf.

Eating fibrous foods was not constipating. I wasn’t buying Advil, either, as I no longer ached. I didn’t get headaches anymore. I replaced coffee with green smoothies. I slept well every night.

Testing The Raw Boundaries

One day, early in my raw journey, I was overtired and decided to get a latte prior to work. Within hours, I was doubled over in pain.

All along, I had been lactose intolerant, and didn’t realize it. So that’s why I wasn’t farting anymore.

I lost weight. All of it. And I was back down to my prior college weight of 125 pounds. I looked and felt fantastic.

Although, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos (likely induced prior to going raw, by the large quantities of dairy I used to consume, as dairy promotes autoimmune disorders), my thyroid hormones stabilized quickly, and I haven’t yet needed a prescription for thyroid replacement.

Once I stopped gluten, I no longer had acne.

The Ever After Part…

It’s four years later, and I’m still mostly “raw” and definitely only consume a whole food plant based diet. I feel better now at 41 than I did at 31.

Another fertility specialist just informed me that my AMH is zero and that I have only one follicle producing in my left ovary per month.

He says I need an egg donor and he says I have a non-significant very small external fibroid on my uterus.

My mother lost her uterus to fibroids at 37. I believe had I not turned my diet around, I, too would be getting a hysterectomy.

While all of my other health problems have cleared, the fertility issue is still a challenge. I’m not giving up.

I’ve been to Clear Passages for 30 hours of physical therapy to prepare my ovaries and uterus for pregnancy. (A pleasant side-effect of this treatment, now that my uterus isn’t nailed to my abdominal wall from adhesions, is that I can now orgasm on intercourse).

I’m taking DHEA, which has been shown to improve egg quality and follicular production. And next week, I fly to Seattle to attend Randine Lewiss course for women with reproductive challenges like my own.

Whether or not I become pregnant on my own or by a donor egg, my raw food journey has lead me to a better place, to better health. This physician, healed herself, with a whole food, plant based diet.

Thank you Dawnmarie!

I just want to take a moment to thank Dawnmarie for sharing her story with all of us. It’s amazing what a whole food diet can do, and I am so blessed to be able to share this message with the world!

Love, Nathalie

Raw Food Benefits For Weight Gain: Edition #3

Raw Food Benefits Explained
Photo by Darwin Bell

In keeping with my mission to help people understand raw and living foods better, I’ve decided to start a weekly series here on Raw Food Switch.

This week I will be focusing on the benefits of raw food for weight gain. Yes, you read that right, last week I wrote about weight loss, but raw food can help with both conditions. Some people have a hard time gaining weight, and they look thin to an unhealthy level.

Raw foods can help you fill out more, without eating a tub of ice cream per day. It’s all about feeding your body, as you’ll see below!

1. When Eating Lots of Calories Is a “Good Thing”

When you’re eating raw food, you tend to get hungry faster, depending on what you ate before transitioning to raw. Fresh fruits and vegetables are light and easy to digest, so you get hungry after they’ve passed through you.

This means you’re bound to eat more small meals throughout the day. When you’re eating more often, you give yourself the fuel you need. Your body never has a chance to go into starvation mode.

2. Giving Your Body What It Needs

Raw food has a lot of nutrients, enzymes, and minerals that you might not be getting from a regular fast-food type of diet.

If your body doesn’t get the building blocks it needs, then it’s not going to build muscle or other tissues that make you gain weight and look healthy.

And don’t worry about the protein: raw leafy vegetables have tons of protein, and so do hemp seeds, and other nuts and seeds.

3. Finding The Right Weight For You

Alissa Cohen often said that eating raw and living food will help you to find your true body. If you’re overweight you will lose weight, if you’re underweight you will gain weight.

Each of us has an ideal body weight that matches our body’s metabolism and genetics. It’s just a matter of feeding yourself with the best food you can find, and then letting your body do the rest to find its ideal weight.

More Raw Food Benefits…

This post is part of the Raw Food Benefits Series.

Raw Food Benefits For Weight Loss: Edition #2

Raw Food Benefits Explained
Photo by Darwin Bell

In keeping with my mission to help people understand raw and living foods better, I’ve decided to start a weekly series here on Raw Food Switch.

This week I will be focusing on the benefits of raw food for weight loss. I know a lot of people come to raw foods to lose weight, and although that’s not why I started eating raw, there are definite benefits.

I will be covering this topic again later I’m sure, but here are a few to get you started!

1. What Goes In Must Come Out

When you’re eating whole raw foods, your body knows exactly what to do with them. This makes it easier for your body to digest the food, and allow it to pass through you.

It’s a simple equation: if what you eat doesn’t come out the other end, then it’s staying in your body, and making you gain weight.

With raw foods, which are all brimming with fiber and other natural cleaners, you can be sure that what goes in will come out. After all, you really don’t want to be carrying around food from 20 years ago, do you?

2. Nourishment For Your Body

When you eat raw foods you are feeding your body with the utmost source of nutrition.

Have you ever seen someone or done this yourself: you have a huge pizza or a burger and fries, and then you’re still hungry only half an hour later?

It’s most likely because the food that you just ate is really not feeding your body what it needs.

When you truly feed your body, you aren’t always starving, looking for your next meal. Your body stops sending you signals to eat, because it has what it needs to rebuild itself, heal, and make you a more vibrant and beautiful person.

3. Raw Foods Give You Energy To Exercise

If you’re overweight, you might feel tired and sluggish, which stops you from exercising. Everyone knows you should exercise daily, for at least 30 minutes. But what happens when you’re just too unfit and tired to actually exercise for that long?

That’s where eating raw food comes in. When you eat raw, you find yourself with much more energy, and maybe even more motivation to get fit.

Suddenly those two flights of stairs that used to haunt you become doable again. And it’s a beautiful upward spiral: if you eat raw you lose weight, you then feel like exercising, and in turn you lose more weight, which all leads you to a healthier body.

More Raw Food Benefits…

This post is part of the Raw Food Benefits Series.