Raw Christmas Dessert Recipe: Meet The Raw Snowman

Raw Vegan Christmas Recipes
Snowy the Raw Vegan Snowman

It’s a snowy winter holiday, and what’s a raw vegan gal to do? Make fun snow-people out of all raw ingredients of course!

This is a super simple, delicious, and fun activity that you can enjoy with your whole family. Once you get the hang of making snow men, you can also make snow families, and even venture out into making raw gingerbread houses.

This is also a great dessert to bring to events, just be sure to find a humane way of cutting our little snow friend.

Raw Snowman Ingredients

  • 1 1/2 cup cashews
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 6-10 dates
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes

For decorations…

  • Grape stems for the arms
  • Pumpkin seeds for the eyes (substitute as necessary)
  • Goji berry for the nose
  • Chia seeds for the mouth
  • Mung (green) beans for the buttons
  • Extra sprinkles of coconut flakes for extra fun
  • Cinnamon stick to hold as a prop

How to Make this Raw Holiday Recipe

    How to make raw cashew flour
  1. Place dry cashews into a food processor, magic bullet, or high speed blender (like a vitamix) and process until it looks like flour. Or is finely chopped. It doesn’t need to be perfect here. Remove from food processor and set aside in a mixing bowl.
  2. In the same food processor, or blender add the lemon juice, the dates, and a few sprinkles of coconut flakes. (This is to help the machine process properly, and so that it doesn’t spin with all the food under the blade.)
  3. Put the lemon-date mixture into the cashew flour and mix together with a spoon. At this point you should have something that resembles dough.
  4. Take a handful of dough and roll into a ball. Repeat for a total of three balls.
  5. Take each ball and roll it in some extra coconut flakes to add that snowy white feel to it.
  6. Stack the largest cashew ball on the bottom, the medium one next, and the smallest one on top.

How to Make Raw Dessert Decorations

Raw Cashew Balls

Now you’ve got the makings for a great snowman! It’s time to add the finishing touches that are really going to make this little guy come alive. (Well, he is alive… it’s all live food. Haha.)

  1. Use grape stems for the arms, and simply push them into the sides of the trunk.
  2. Place 2 seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc) for the eyes. Notice how this actually gives the face some depth too.
  3. Add a goji berry for the nose.
  4. Use chia seeds for the mouth. This one was tricky, and I used a spoon to stick the seeds in a round shape. Another idea might be to use a toothpick or fork.
  5. For the buttons, push in a set of mung beans. You could use other nuts or seeds too.
  6. Just for fun, add a cinnamon stick in one of the hands. I figured a cinnamon stick looked like a rolled up “crazy carpet”. I used to slide down the snowy hills in those things as a kid, but maybe that’s just me.

How To Eat Your Snow-People

Okay, so it looks great but it’s a pretty big portion to eat all on your own. You can definitely slice this snowman, or even reshape it into balls or cookies.

You don’t need to dehydrate this dessert at all, and it will naturally dry out if you leave it out. If you’d like to preserve it, you can freeze it in a sealed container. Simply let it thaw out before you eat it.

And yes, I realize the irony of freezing a snowman and thawing it out before you eat it. ;)

What Other Holiday Treats Have You Got in Store?

What are you planning to make this holiday season? If you’re not sure you have everything you need to make this recipe, drop a hint to Santa about the Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays!
Love, Nathalie