Live Organic Food Bar Toronto Raw Food Restaurant Review

Live Organic Bar Restaurant in Toronto

Location and Atmosphere

Live Organic Food Bar, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a restaurant that caters to raw vegans. It also includes some non-raw items, but if you’re raw and living in or visiting Toronto, their raw menu will more than satisfy you!

The Live restaurant is located near The University of Toronto, which is very convenient for all raw University students.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is warm, welcoming, and clean. I visited on a Friday night and it got packed. There was an infectious laughter full of energy in Live’s large open space.

Delicious Raw Vegan Tacos

The Food

I need to preface my opinion of the food by saying that I’ve been to many Raw Food restaurants all over North America. Still, I understand that not all restaurants are trying to be gourmet like Pure Food and Wine of New York City does.

Now onto the good stuff: I had the raw tacos, and my friend had a big bowl salad. We each had a juice, I had the Green Kick and she had a Faerie dust.

The tacos were bursting with flavor, and everything was super fresh. I really couldn’t give their tacos a better rating, they are better than any taco (raw or not) I’ve made at home, and that’s saying something!

The Green Kick juice was also great, fresh, and energizing.

Raw Food Desserts of the Vegan Variety

My friend and I were both extremely satisfied, so much so that we weren’t tempted by the raw desserts.

Now, as my boyfriend would say, “That’s something!” because I live for raw desserts. As I’ve mentioned before, I was the chocolate and candy girl. So we took pictures of the desserts, and I plan to go back to try them sometime.


The restaurant prices were very fair. As far as raw food restaurants go, Live’s prices were about average. I’ve not seen many inexpensive raw vegan restaurants, and Live prices were lower than restaurants in the United States. Not to mention that the food is made from Organic produce, which isn’t always that cheap.

Raw Food Switch Restaurant Review Rating

Overall I give Live Raw Food Bar Restaurant in Toronto a 4 out of 5 rating. I’d love to go back there and sample more of their menu, especially the desserts! I definitely recommend it to other raw foodies or those who are curious about eating raw.

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Go To Live Organic Food Bar and Taste For Yourself

264 Dupont st.

(North East corner of Dupont and Spadina)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5R 1V7

Phone 416-515-2002 Or visit their web site!