Is The Raw Food Movement Breaking Apart?

If you happen to follow any other blogs in the raw food movement, you may have noticed that there is a bit of a split happening between strict raw veganism and non-vegan raw foodists.

Is there a movement away from Raw Veganism?

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It’s a very interesting phenomena, and I think it’s one that really needs to be addressed. Gena Hamshaw from Choosing Raw wrote about her commitment to being vegan and how she was vegan before going raw. I respect her position and determination, and love the piece she wrote about her stance on the issue.

On the other hand you have people like Anthony The Raw Model and Daniel Vitalis who are into the more primal way of eating, including animal products. They are also to be respected for openly discussing their own trials.

Where I Stand on the Issue

As you know my approach to raw foods has never been one of all-or-nothing. Because of that, I don’t see this split in the raw food movement as being such a monumental shift.

The truth is that I think a 100% vegan raw food diet is great if you really need to cleanse or purify your body. Most of us do at some point, if the food industry is anything to go by.

However, I don’t think it’s perfect for everyone in the long term. I think that different people have different body types, live in different climates, and have access to different quality foods.

I am very much in tune with the animal rights movements and treading lightly on our planet.

However I don’t think that adhering to 100% raw veganism is the only way to champion those causes. If you think about it, you can be a good steward of the earth even if you do consume animal products.

Raw Veganism For Health Reasons

Chances are you came to the raw food movement to improve your health, and I think that it is a great starting point to changing unhealthy habits.

I also think that it is your responsibility to do your research and eat the way that makes you feel your best, and if that means taking supplements or eating something that is not raw and/or vegan then I say go for it.

The raw vegan diet is very idealistic, but the truth is that most of us don’t live in an idealistic society.

I admit it, I am an idealist and I wish that it could be as simple as surviving only on raw vegan foods.

With books like The Vegetarian Myth coming out and more research and discussions about how environmentally friendly a vegan diet can be, I think it’s necessary to take a step back.

Raw Veganism and Animal Rights

I know of monks in China who are completely vegetarian. Still, there are other monks who choose to eat animals because they say that eating only vegetables does not limit the amount of harm done to other life forms like bugs, worms, etc.

Of course the real problem is not so much the fact that some people choose to eat animal products at all. But rather the way animal products are sourced unethically.

We are growing animals in factories. These dark conditions are certainly no way to raise animals, let alone animals to be eaten.

So here’s my take away point

You are an individual and you are allowed to research, experiment, and see for yourself what works best for you and your body type.

If that includes raw dairy products, a little bit of meat or fish, or some ethically sourced eggs then I say go for it.

Some of the most nature-respecting native peoples were hunters who ate animal products. They never abused the earth and they made the most of their position as shepherds of the planet.

It’s our time to do the same.

If you’re going to take care of yourself, you need to care of the planet as well.

That means eating organic, grass fed, ethically sourced animal products if you choose to do so.

That also means including lots of raw fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Finally, breathe deep…

Just because there is division in the raw food movement, doesn’t mean that eating fruits and vegetables raw is less effective or less important for your health.

I believe it’s important to get everything out in the open and to really dig deep.

Love, Nathalie

The Raw Foods Witch 2009 Year In Review


In January I was on a trip in China and Korea, with my boyfriend Robin. The idea for The Raw Foods Witch web site was still marinating in my mind. I was blogging as The Billionaire Woman.


Raw Food Switch

The Raw Food Switch web site was created. Note that the site was actually called Raw Food Switch and not Raw Foods Witch. That little witchy switch took place later on.

In February I shared the story of how I went from junk foodist to raw foodist, and how I stopped taking birth control pills.


How to Eat Raw Food in Winter

I filmed a video about Eating Raw Food in the Winter. I also shared some of my first few simple raw food recipes like my quick video on how to make beet juice.


In April I started a series on the benefits of eating raw food. Some of the articles were about using raw food for weight loss, and how more college students are turning to raw food to increase their performance.


Raw Food Recipes

In May my boyfriend Robin showed you how to make a Chinese inspired Raw Ragu recipe to trump all salads. I also shared my views about eating 100% raw vs. eating a high raw diet.

I maintain that it’s not necessary to eat 100% raw to enjoy the benefits of raw food.


Raw Food Benefits

In June I shared the 9 ways that raw food changed my life. Then I uploaded a video of my garden, and a video of my speech about the beautiful tropical fruit called durian.

Then I wrote a cheeky article that hypothesized that it is easier to become raw than to become vegan.

June was also the month that Raw Food Switch became the Raw Foods Witch. :)


In July I went back to basics and explained what is the raw food diet.

In one of my most popular articles to date, I shared the 13 Witchy Ways Green Smoothies Make You Feel Good in 13 Minutes or Less. Yum, yum.

I also weighed in on the debate over organic food, and shared in the advantages and disadvantages of organic food.


Raw Food Dehydrators

August saw the harvest from the garden and so I explained what a raw food dehydrator is. I also shared 21 Ways to Sneak More Vegetables Into Your Day, because we all know that eating more veggies is good for us but putting it into practice isn’t always so easy.

I also answered 2 of the most commonly asked questions: Is it better to blend or to juice? And whether a certain symptom is just detox or not, in my article on Raw Food Detox: The Myth, The Madness… The Magick?!.


Raw Foods Witch

In September I opened up more and shared the story behind why I started eating raw food and what has happened since then.

I posted my video on how to grow sprouts, with some written guidelines as well. Then I shared some of my insights on food cravings, why we have them, and what to do about them.


Raw Halloween Recipes

October was a busy month for The Raw Foods Witch. First, I wrote about the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food.

Then I released my shiny “28 Desserts You Can Eat Every Day” ebook. Grab yourself a copy if you haven’t already.

October was also the month I posted my Raw Pumpkin Pie recipe with a quick video to show you how to make it.


In November I undertook the master cleanse. I talked about a lot of detoxing techniques like the salt water flush, dry skin brushing, and how much water to drink per day.

I shared the results from my master cleanse. Then I posted happy photos and talked about eating out at restaurants while staying raw.


Raw Snowman Recipe

December was all about celebrating the season. I posted the raw food gift guide to help people shop for the raw foodies in their circle.

I explained the benefits of goji berries, and gave away my secret to buying them for a good price.

December seemed like a good time to answer another question I get asked a lot: what is a raw food coach?

And finally, I posted a super fun raw christmas recipethe raw snowman!

What’s in Store for 2010?

I hope you had a great 2009, and are looking forward to a fantastic 2010. I’m wishing you nothing but the best in health, joy, and prosperity.


Love, Nathalie

Raw Food Gratitude Circle #3: Moving Edition

Photo by Mike Baird

Time Sensitive Announcement

This is just a quick reminder that today is the last day to score some cheap one-on-one raw coaching with me. If you’ve been on the fence about working with me to go raw or eliminate cravings, then this is your time!

I don’t see myself hosting another moving sale like this again (I’ve got a 1 year lease, naturally) so strike while the iron is hot. Or raw, or whatever.

Sale ends TONIGHT at 9pm EST.

Guest Post Goodies

Since I’m moving this week-end I wanted to leave you with lots of posts to read. Here are a number of the guest posts I’ve written in the last month or two.

  • Living Goddess, Living Food at Goddess Guidebook: Read about my journey, or what I call my raw food faerytale, on becoming a Goddess. Leonie really inspires me every day through her blog, so it was an honor to write my story for her and other beautiful Goddesses.
  • Jungle of Food Choices at Jungle of Life: In this post I discuss the parallel between the wild jungle and our own modern jungle of food choices. This post generated a great discussion and I encourage you to read through the comments. Lance is a great supporter and I’m so grateful to have presented my ideas with Jungle of Lifers.
  • Loving your Life Means Loving your Food at Lyved: This post is all about finding the love of food in a healthy sustainable way, even if that means eating “healthy food”. I really enjoyed writing about ways to make healthy foods fun and enjoyable, and mentioning my ever magickal green smoothies.
  • Save Money & Boost Energy at Work at Work Happy Now: When Karl asked me to write a guest post on the benefits of eating raw at work, it turned out to be a great exercise in making the most of your day by making sound food choices. I loved writing this post and I’m so grateful to Karl for letting me share some of my experiences with eating raw at work.
  • Late Summer Peach Cobbler Recipe at Eco-Chick: I consider myself to be an eco-chick and I love Starre’s blog motto: “Mother Earth is a Woman.” I knew people would enjoy a glimpse into the world of raw food, and since peaches are in season here in Canada this recipe came at the right time. Let me know how you like it!

Inspiring Reads

Here are a bunch of great recent articles from around the blogosphere. Enjoy these on your long week-end and let me know if any of these really resonated with you.

  • Raw Punks by Candy at Avocado Meet Zucchini: I love this post about the techniques for getting kids to eat raw. The photos are great candid glimpses into the life of young raw punks in training. Go Candy!
  • Paper Towel Alternatives by Carla at Green and Chic: I love the concept and I’m so glad Carla posted about these great paper towel alternatives. Disposables aren’t necessary, and this is such a cool product.
  • “Is it okay to eat ___?” by Gena at Choosing Raw: This is a question I get often too, and I’m really glad Gena decided to tackle it. She really digs down to the root of our questions about what is okay to eat.
  • Together, we are Unlimited by Kyeli at Freak Revolution: This is an awesome article that really relates to the Raw Foods Witch theme of being different… a witch in a mundane world. Now I just need to watch the Wicked musical.
  • Two Magick Words: Start Again by Kate at Crazy Sexy Life: If you’ve been feeling the blah’s lately then this article is here to give you permission to start again. I often find that when the student is ready, the teacher shows up.

How will you Enjoy your Long Week-end?

I’ll be moving to Toronto this week-end, how will you be spending it? Let us know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!

Love, Nathalie

Saying Thank You: Raw Food Gratitude

I am grateful for beautiful flowers!
Photo by Louise Docker

One of the things I learned early on in life is that an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. Sometimes it helps to say thank you to nothing in particular, and other times it helps to highlight the people that make your life better.

These are some of the delightful people I’ve been blessed to work and interact with, while bringing more raw food magick into their lives. They’re all outstanding, so check them out. :)

Emily of Hello!Self: Emily was inspired by the first free Raw Food teleclass I gave. It was so humbling to see Emily undertake a raw food trial shortly after the class too! Emily is a Life Coaching for Positive Living, you can follow Emily on twitter @HelloSelf.

Rohan of Rohan Mitchell: Rohan is a Software Engineer (not unlike myself!) living in Australia (unlike me) who shares his passion for personal development and freelancing. Rohan is into veganism, and my latest love Dance of Shiva. He mentioned giving green smoothies a try, so follow him on twitter @RohanM.

Kyeli of Freak Revolution: Kyeli is like my long lost faeriedust sprinkling sister, who also loves Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is currently doing a rejuvenating self-care retreat while going raw, so send her lots of love and support, read her microfiction and comment, or follow her on twitter @Kyeli. You can do it Kyeli! :)

Sean of RebootSelf: Sean is an inspiration to anyone who wants to change. He has quit alcohol, smoking, and coffee. Now he’s retooling his eating plan and has started a raw food trial. Let him know what a fantastic job he’s doing and follow him on twitter @RebootSelf.

Andrea of Holistic Show: Andrea is the host of Holistic FM and she exudes a passion for helping parents make great choices. She’s a green smoothie mommy and we share a lot of common ideals. Follow her on twitter @HolisticMom.

Sigve of Sigve Alsvik: Sigve is a long time raw foodie from Norway who is a passionate multimedia musician. He’s got a great creative flair and is a wonderful person to connect with on twitter @SigveA.

Nathalie of One Peaceful World: We share the same name, and we happen to have a lot more in common than I originally thought. ;) Nathalie is a recovered lawyer into human rights, health, and living in a peaceful world. We need more lawyers like her, so follow her on twitter @NathalieMe.

Carla of Green & Chic: Carla and I met through personal development blogs, and as it turns out we both like things that are green and chic. I just wanted to commend Carla for her dedication to her health as an MS survivor, and for the incredible transformation that she’s undergone. Follow her on twitter @CarlaRose.

Now I’m passing the gratitude flowers onto you, who would you like to say thank you to? You can do so in the comments publicly, or just send an email to someone you appreciate!

Sending lots of raw magick juice your way!
Love, Nathalie

Is It Necessary To Go 100% Raw?

With more and more talk about the benefits of a high raw diet, I think it’s important to stress the idea of transitioning to raw.

I don’t think everyone can go 100% raw overnight on their own.

Raw as an Investment For Your Health

For most of us, food is a nuisance. (I used to think this a lot before I went raw!) It’s a drain on our bank accounts, our schedules, and our energy.

Sometimes we eat out of necessity, opting for the quickest option that we can chow down on so that we can get back to the real important stuff.

Other times food can be a way to medicate ourselves. We might eat when we’re bored, feeling emotional, avoiding problems that need to be solved or work that needs to be done, and so on.

Let’s take a different perspective of the food that we eat. What if the food that we ate was solely seen as the fuel for our bodies and minds? Just like you wouldn’t put random household ingredients into your car’s gas tank, you should invest in the correct fuel for your car.

In this case the food you eat is an investment for your body, for the long-term.

Raw carrots, yum yum!
Photo by John Watson

Raw Food Diet Definitions

In the spirit of accepting that every one of us is at a different place along our journey, let’s look at the different options that you have for incorporating more raw foods into your diet.

  • 100% Raw: People who go 100% raw overnight, tend to experience great benefits soon after they go raw. Sometimes however, being 100% raw is too strict and these people can flop back and forth between 100% raw, high raw, and going back to their original eating habits. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, as long as you aren’t taking yourself too seriously, or are afraid of reverting back to your not-so-good eating habits.
  • High Raw: The definition of high raw is between 80%-99% Raw raw foods. What this means is that people who are high raw intend to eat raw all of the time, but that there are certain circumstances that are beyond their control. For example, they might eat a condiment or a sauce that isn’t raw, or even go for some cooked vegan options if they are stuck. People who are high raw have the advantage of being lenient with themselves, and not beating themselves up for not adhering to their standards.
  • Raw Until Dinner: One of the simplest ways to add more raw foods into your diet, is to go raw until dinner. The idea is that you eat raw meals for breakfast, and lunch, and your snacks are raw. Then dinner is up to you, you can choose to eat the foods that you always eat, but you’ll notice that soon enough you’ll be attracted to eating more healthful foods even in the evening.
  • Transitioning To Raw: If you just learned about raw foods, and you want to take the slow and steady road to eating more raw foods, transitioning is the way to go. When you’re transitioning, you choose exactly which meals and what it is you’re going to eat for each day, and try to fit in as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can. One of the ways of doing this is to drink a big green smoothie either in the morning, or as a snack in the afternoon. I personally transitioned to raw foods for over a year, before actually choosing to take the high raw path.

Bear In Mind

Everyone is different, and we all have different experiences with food from our past. It’s important to take into account that just because your mind has decided to eat more healthful fruits and vegetables, doesn’t mean that your body is in agreement yet.

Sometimes we have resistance when it comes to changing our eating habits. It helps to have a buddy who can keep you accountable. Having a whole group to support you is even better!

There’s no raw food police, and you don’t need to destroy yourself esteem trying to go 100% raw overnight.