7 Reasons You Might be Avoiding Real Foods

Byline: Teri Wade

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what real foods are. You know what they are! And you know they’re good for you. So why don’t you reach for them all the time?

The following list is about the many reasons you might grab what’s not “real”. Some you’ll be familiar with and some might sound completely new. I’d love to hear your comments below.

1. Because unhealthy food can be yummy.

Like a warm Krispy Kreme donut. Yummy poison can be pretty addictive. But the less time you spend eating it, the less you want it. Good choices will snowball into more good choices. Count each one as a win.

2. Because everyone else is doing it.

It’s hard to turn down cheesecake and reach for vegetables when you’re the only one doing it. But the stronger your good eating habits become, the easier it will be to turn down the unreal stuff. Hanging out more often with your healthier eating friends will help a lot to reduce temptation and increase the realness.

3. Because you don’t have time.

There are a lot of fast, unhealthy options out there and they’re very tempting! Especially after work when you don’t have energy to figure out what to eat, let alone make it. Planning ahead for the entire week can help tremendously. There are also many affordable, healthy meal preparation options out there! Even on a budget.

4. Because you don’t know what to make.

That’s why sites like this are great! (shameless plug). But seriously, block a time in your busy schedule to surf around and print new recipes to try. When you find a favorite, schedule it into your weekly routine.

5. Because Your Parents Didn’t Make This Kind of Food.

What you’re used to runs deep. When you were little, you often went to great lengths to be like your parents (we all did!). And many of their habits are deeply imprinted and can feel hard to shake. If your parents didn’t model the healthiest eating habits, you may need to give the little kid in you a message that most of us never got (but need): “It’s perfectly fine to be different from your parents in any way that feels right for you, they will still love you no matter what.”

6. You’ll attract unwanted attention.

A natural consequence of eating healthy (especially when coupled with exercise) is to look and feel great. Why wouldn’t you want that?! Well, there are all sorts of unconscious reasons. If you’ve ever been physically taken advantage, it’s common to secretly want extra pounds to protect yourself. Some people do this to stave off relationships altogether, especially when you’ve been burned. Sometimes different parts of you want different things, and the right support can help you make peace inside and feel safe feeling great.

7. Because you’re not used to the higher vibe.

Eating whole and healthy foods on a consistent basis will leave you feeling great. Why wouldn’t everyone want that? Well, it’s common to unconsciously sabotage yourself from feeling too good for too long, for a variety of reasons (such as a fear of becoming too different from your loved ones). Picking the wrong foods is a fast way to check your own happiness. Next time you’re feeling great and suddenly crave something not-so-great, remind yourself that it’s ok to feel great and it’s ok to feel even better. You’ll get more and more used to the higher vibe the more you stretch yourself to make it feel like home.

Teri Wade is a Mindset Repatterning Expert and founder of The Evolving Artist. She specializes in helping people overcome  internal obstacles to success so they can thrive in all areas of their life. You can learn more about her work at TheEvolvingArtist.com