What Eating Raw Food Has to Do with Tree Planting

Before I even get into the whole tree planting thing, I want to tell you a story.

When I was born, my father went out into our back yard and planted a tree. It became known as “Nathalie’s tree”.

This maple tree and I grew up together, side by side. Every fall it would lose its leafs, and every spring it would bloom anew.

My maple tree grew faster than I did. In fact, it’s still much taller than I am. But that’s okay, because we’re connected.

Whenever there was something hard to deal with in my life, I would go sit under that tree. It was like having the world’s most sympathetic listener.

Now my parents and I have since moved away, but I know that this tree and I will continue to experience this deep connection.

Autumnal Trees and Leafs
Photo by Edgar Barany

I don’t know if you have ever experienced something similar to my tree connection or not. But I’ve recently rediscovered my bond with trees.

I want to make a big difference with my life on this planet. For me that means helping people to feel better by eating more raw food. To allow for deep planetary healing.

I realized that also extends to healing the planet itself, which to me means planting more trees.

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Cure Cravings Forever and Sponsoring Tree Planting

After I realized how important it was for me to make planting more trees my mission, I started doing some research.

I got in touch with some people who work at a tree planting foundation. I wanted numbers. Like, how much of an impact would it make to donate $10, $50, $100?

It turns out that the price of planting one tree varies depending on where the tree is planted, and what preparation is necessary.

So one tree can cost between $1 and $200. At first I was bummed to find out how expensive planting just one tree could be.

But then I realized that even if I took the lowest end estimate of $1, by donating $100 I could be sponsoring the birth of 100 new trees!

Trees and Tree Planting
Photo by Chris Gin

That’s why I’ve decided to give 10% of all sales of my new program, Cure Cravings Forever, to planting trees.

So far the number of trees we are sponsoring together is one quarter of my goal!

If you’d like to learn more about my Cure Cravings Forever program, and how you can help my tree planting effort out, click here.

Thank you so much for reading about my bond with trees. I hope to see you in the Cure Cravings Forever Members Only area, and to have more trees planted in your honor.

Love, Nathalie

Why It’s Easier to Go Raw Than To Become Vegan

Is it possible that including more raw foods into your life is actually easier than going vegan? Let’s look at some comparisons to find out.

Raw vs. Vegan Imitation Foods

Although both raw foods and vegan foods provide so-called imitation foods, raw foods tend to be very different from their cooked counterparts. When you’re eating vegan chips, it’s very different from eating celery sticks.

That’s not to say that Raw Food doesn’t have any foods that mimic your favorite cooked foods. The difference is that vegan foods tend to resemble your old time pre-vegan favorites.

The reason it’s so much easier to go raw on some level, is that you’re not trying to trick yourself. You know you’re eating raw food and exactly what it is, and you’re not lying to yourself.

Less Tofu and Soy Products

For a number of years soy based products have been touted as a health food, and many vegetarian and vegan “fake meat” products are made of tofu. Soy can cause all kinds of issues if eaten in large quantities.

Soy causes hormonal imbalances, that can surface as less masculine males, and mood disorders for females. Soy is also an allergen for many people, and can cause all kinds of issues such as thyroid problems and lowered immunity if eaten in large quantities.

Asian countries generally did not eat a lot of soy, they fermented it for 3 years and used it as a light condiment. I am often surprised by how little we know about other cultures that supposedly eat a lot of soy in their diet.

One thing to consider is that although soy is very common in Asian countries today, consumption has changed a lot in recent years as advertising and manufacturing changed.

Raw Food Energy

In terms of energy, Raw Food cannot be beat. Since you are eating fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds your body knows how to digest these basic food groups. So you get the fuel from it immediately.

Raw food also places an emphasis on food combination, which helps people to digest quickly without taxing their system and experiencing a dip in energy.

Raw Food Going Mainstream?

The more people who include raw foods in their diet, the more normal it will become. The same thing happened with vegetarianism. When “regular people” started ordering vegetarian meals, it became acceptable to be vegetarian.

A vegan diet high in Raw Food is also a good alternative, if raw isn’t right for you.

It is easier to include more raw food in your diet than it is to eliminate meat and dairy. That’s because you’re starting with a blank slate, whereas veganism and vegetarianism focus on removing certain foods.

When going raw, you are straightforward with yourself about what you’re really eating, you avoid soy and all of the common problems associated with it, and you increase your energy levels.

How to Make Raw Ice Cream (aka The Easiest Vegan Ice Cream Recipe)

With the weather heating up in many parts of the world, why not indulge yourself with a bowl of fresh raw ice cream?

There a lot of different ways of making raw ice cream, and they range from super quick and easy to a little bit more involved.

My favorite way is also one of the easier ways of making raw ice cream. It involves using a juicer that has a blank attachment, and running frozen fruit through it. The added bonus is that you don’t need to buy another kitchen appliance (like an ice cream maker) if you already have a juicer.

To show you just how easy it is to make your own raw vegan ice cream, I’ve created this quick video for you to watch. (Click here if you can’t see the video or you’re reading via email.)

Raw Ice Cream Recipe Ingredients

  • Frozen Banana Slices
  • Frozen Strawberries

Run all the ingredients through your juicer, using the “blank” setting or attachment. Alternate between a few slices of banana and a few strawberries to create a fun strawberry banana swirl!

Feel free to brainstorm with different flavors by using different frozen fruits. Or by topping your raw ice cream with raw chocolate powder, cinnamon, or even a bit of vanilla.

I hope this has given you the inspiration to create fun new frozen summer treats for yourself and your family.

Set Yourself Up for Raw Success

Maybe you’re intrigued with the idea of raw food. But It all seems a little overwhelming at first.

Maybe your story sounds a little like mine.

I tried to go raw when I first stumbled upon the idea of eating only fresh uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

I went out and bought all kinds of equipment: expensive blenders, juicers, dehydrators, slicers, and the list goes on.

Somehow, I thought all of these tools would help me go raw and stay raw. After all, investing in something usually means you are committed right?

I forgot what happens when your commitment is overcome by obstacles like:

  • Spending twice the money on groceries?
  • Too busy to make raw foods?
  • Resistance from friends and loved ones?

I’ve been there, and that’s why I’m putting together a group coaching program called Set Yourself Up for Raw Success.

Who, Where, What, When How?

Get all the details on how I can help you by visiting the services page.

Go Raw or Die Trying?

The other day I came across a Facebook group called “Go Raw or Die Trying”. Since when did going raw become such a do or die situation?

Go Raw or Die Trying
Photo by Bram Cymet

I believe we should be nice to ourselves and our bodies. That means not killing yourself trying to reach the idealized concept of being a 100% raw foodist.

Be Gentle With Yourself

A lot of people when they first learn about raw foods, decide to commit to it completely. That’s exactly what I did when I first learned about raw food.

I chose to be 100% raw or nothing at all. And while I think it’s important to give yourself a 30 day trial on raw foods, I don’t think you should kill yourself trying to be perfect.

After all, we are only human. We have moments of weakness, and we all have things to work through. We all have issues with food that we probably didn’t know we had, which tend to surface when we start eating raw.

Eating raw foods really brings up all these old emotional patterns, whether they have anything to do with food or not.

There’s No Raw Food Police

That’s why I always say there’s no raw food police. I think that raw food is great as an ideal to work toward, but being at 100% raw and killing yourself is much worse than the alternative.

If you can eat 75% to 90% raw, without the guilt trips, without pulling your hair out, and without causing too much trouble in your household, isn’t it much better?

Raw Food Police
Photo by Nik Worthley

Whenever we choose to make changes in our life, we should understand where we’re coming from. If you’ve been eating a highly processed or standard American diet for the last 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years, how can you expect to go raw overnight?

You have to give your body and your emotions, time to catch up with your newly adjusted mental model.

Oh, and by the way food definitely has an impact on our emotions. So you’ll want to make sure that you’re not so hard on yourself.

All Or Nothing vs. A Commitment

Sometimes it’s better to transition into raw foods slowly. Just like you wouldn’t try to run a marathon after years of inactivity without practicing first.

You wouldn’t want to overburden your body with the task of taking out the trash (all the toxins you’ve been gathering over the years) overnight.

When you go raw, there are so many different things that take place.

You’ve got to make different choices in your everyday life, and that’s going to bring up some resistance for yourself and for the rest of the people in your life.

You’ll also experience different physical changes. You might start losing weight, you might be bloated or gassy, you might sleep better or wake up in the middle of the night. You might have cravings, feel hunger pains, or lack energy.

All of these things are perfectly normal, but if you’re taking the stance of needing to be in this 100% raw, you might decide that it’s all too much at once and give up.

Going Raw At Your Own Pace

You have to understand that you’ll still be here in a year from now. So any small changes that you make right now will benefit you in the long term.

So even if you can just cut out coffee, and replace it with a green smoothie or green juice in the morning, you’re doing yourself a great service.

Building up small changes over the long term is a great way to include more raw foods into your diet, without causing you too much emotional stress.

Not to mention that taking it easy, is better for the people in your life. You don’t want to scare them or make them think that you’re going all crazy extremist on them, when they still enjoy eating steak.

What you want is to come up with an action plan that you will follow. You can do a 30 day raw trial, because that will give you motivation and results right away.

Your skin will get clear, your eyes will be brighter, you’ll lose weight if you have to, or gain weight if you need it, you’ll have more energy and you’ll sleep better.

But if you decide that after 30 days it’s going to be tough to keep going, then ease back to maybe 90% raw or 80% raw if that makes you more comfortable.

Because aren’t we all doing this raw food thing for a few simple reasons? We want to be healthier, and we want to live in a safe and healthy environment. So don’t make your environment more toxic by trying to go raw or die trying.