How Would You Like to Bewitch Your Spouse?

Bewitch Your Spouse eCourse

Transforming your relationship with your partner. Changing the way you eat, without creating conflict in your relationship. Magic.

If you’ve tried to go raw before but have been met with nothing but resistance, arguments, and frustration then I have the solution.

I’ve packaged it up in my new ecourse called “Bewitch Your Spouse“.

It’s got nothing to do with tricking your spouse into eating more raw food, and everything to do with finding a suitable way of transitioning for both of you.

A Happy Spouse

Have you ever heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life”? Well I think it applies to both partners and can show us how important our relationships really are.

After all, if you chose a life partner that you love, you’re not just going to throw everything away because of a little disagreement over food.

When you feel supported and loved at home, it affects all aspects of your life. Including your food choices.

Healthy Eating Habits

When you start to include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, you start to FEEL better!

Obviously you’ll want your partner to start feeling good too. In fact, it’s much easier to start incorporating more healthy eating habits when you and your spouse are in it together.

It also cuts down on arguments, making two different types of food, and feeling left out at meal time.

Here Comes the Magick

That’s where my Bewitch Your Spouse eCourse comes in. It has all the practical tips, advice, and how-tos to make it easy to go raw even with a reluctant spouse.

But what makes it even more useful is that I explain exactly how I got my resistant boyfriend to eat like me. You’ll also learn how NOT to approach your spouse or partner otherwise you’ll only push them away. I learned this lesson the hard way.

So check out the course, see if it’s a good fit for you and then take advantage of the promotion I’ve got going on right now!

Instead of the regular $47 it’s on sale for $37 until January 25th, 2010.

Get your hands on this course and watch your relationship take off in the right direction!

Love, Nathalie

3 Halloween Treats for the Raw Curious

I can’t believe it’s already the last week of October, and Halloween is just around the corner!

In case you missed some of the free Halloween treats I’ve been sending out, where is a quick summary:

My last Halloween treat for 2009 is the Hyper Halloween Party! If you signed up for the goodies list you should have already received your invitation.

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I’m being interviewed on a Radio Show

I am being interviewed on Wellness with Rose Radio this week and I think you’d be interested in the topic: “How to Spook Your Raw Food Fears Away” is a radio program all about natural health, nutrition, and living holistically.

It’s being hosted by Rose Cole, International speaker, author, Certified Nutrition Coach, and founder of

I will be on the show Wednesday, October 28th at 12:00 PST/3:00 EST. If you’re a member of The Cue you’ll get a reminder email on the day of!

Raw Foods Witch at the Big Carrot in Toronto

I’m giving a lecture Thursday October 29th, 2009 at the Big Carrot food co-op in Toronto, Canada. The lecture starts at 7pm, and the topic is going to be very Halloween themed as well.

Be sure to say hi if you found me through my web site. I love getting to meet my people in person. :)

Counting Down to October 30th…

Get more info about the party here.

Love, Nathalie

Raw Food Benefits For College Students: Explained Edition #1

Raw Food Benefits Explained
Photo by Darwin Bell

In keeping with my mission to help people understand raw and living foods better, I’ve decided to start a weekly series here on Raw Food Switch.

I plan on writing about the benefits of eating a predominantly raw vegan diet every week. Each article will focus on a different set of benefits, or benefits for certain groups.

Be sure to subscribe not to miss any of the upcoming Raw Food Benefits Explained posts, they will provide you with motivation to include more raw food into your diet!

This week I’m going to highlight some of the Raw Food Benefits for college students, since I’ve been there myself. These are just some of the benefits, please post any benefits you’ve experienced in the comments!

1. Raw Food Provides Energy To Study

Or to pull all-nighters, as the case may be.

I discovered raw and living foods about 2 years into my 5 year University degree. As soon as I started to include more raw foods in my diet, I realized how much more energy I could have.

When you’re a college student, you are constantly on the go: you’re either doing assignments, working on group projects, or studying for midterms and finals.

The more energy you have to keep going, the better you will do.

Let’s face it, a lot of people in college drink far too much coffee and energy drinks to artificially boost their energy. Not being dependent on these harmful, addictive substances can save money, and prevent long term side effects.

2. You Get A Flexible Food Schedule

Being able to blend a meal within a few minutes really saved me a lot of time.

I was able to make a green smoothie for breakfast, or whenever I didn’t have time to make something more involved.

I knew I was getting the nutrition I needed because I was adding lots of green leafy vegetables, and supplements. These smoothies gave me the energy I needed, and took less than 10 minutes to make.

You can also schedule your food preparation for the whole week in advance. You can make a few simple recipes on Sunday that are ready to go for most of the week.

For example, I used to make an herb salad with sunflower seeds on Sundays after my grocery shopping. I could bring some of it with me for lunch for a few days, hassle-free.

3. Mental Clarity

When you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to concentrate, it’s much easier to learn and apply what you learn. I went raw gradually, and my grades improved along with my transition.

Whereas I was an average to below-average student in my first two years, I quickly increased my grades to above average. I graduated from University with Distinction, and I can honestly say that my diet is partly responsible.

Waking up to go to early classes wasn’t a problem for me anymore. A green smoothie in the morning was enough to keep me satisfied until lunch. For lunch I ate a raw meal and never felt groggy or tired for my afternoon classes.

This really helped me to focus during classes and absorb the information I was being taught.

4. Improved Immune System & Overall Health

Every winter college students tend to get sick, and fall behind. Since most University students get by on very little sleep, lots of caffeine, and pizza, it’s no wonder that colds spread easily.

No one wants to be sick during midterms, finals, or big projects. Although eating a predominantly raw food diet isn’t a guarantee against colds, it does help to keep your immune system humming.

It’s much easier to do well in your classes when you’re healthy. You aren’t going to miss class because of a passing flu, and you can devote your energy to your studies instead of fighting off viruses!

More Raw Food Benefits…

This post is part of the Raw Food Benefits Series.

Go Raw or Die Trying?

The other day I came across a Facebook group called “Go Raw or Die Trying”. Since when did going raw become such a do or die situation?

Go Raw or Die Trying
Photo by Bram Cymet

I believe we should be nice to ourselves and our bodies. That means not killing yourself trying to reach the idealized concept of being a 100% raw foodist.

Be Gentle With Yourself

A lot of people when they first learn about raw foods, decide to commit to it completely. That’s exactly what I did when I first learned about raw food.

I chose to be 100% raw or nothing at all. And while I think it’s important to give yourself a 30 day trial on raw foods, I don’t think you should kill yourself trying to be perfect.

After all, we are only human. We have moments of weakness, and we all have things to work through. We all have issues with food that we probably didn’t know we had, which tend to surface when we start eating raw.

Eating raw foods really brings up all these old emotional patterns, whether they have anything to do with food or not.

There’s No Raw Food Police

That’s why I always say there’s no raw food police. I think that raw food is great as an ideal to work toward, but being at 100% raw and killing yourself is much worse than the alternative.

If you can eat 75% to 90% raw, without the guilt trips, without pulling your hair out, and without causing too much trouble in your household, isn’t it much better?

Raw Food Police
Photo by Nik Worthley

Whenever we choose to make changes in our life, we should understand where we’re coming from. If you’ve been eating a highly processed or standard American diet for the last 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years, how can you expect to go raw overnight?

You have to give your body and your emotions, time to catch up with your newly adjusted mental model.

Oh, and by the way food definitely has an impact on our emotions. So you’ll want to make sure that you’re not so hard on yourself.

All Or Nothing vs. A Commitment

Sometimes it’s better to transition into raw foods slowly. Just like you wouldn’t try to run a marathon after years of inactivity without practicing first.

You wouldn’t want to overburden your body with the task of taking out the trash (all the toxins you’ve been gathering over the years) overnight.

When you go raw, there are so many different things that take place.

You’ve got to make different choices in your everyday life, and that’s going to bring up some resistance for yourself and for the rest of the people in your life.

You’ll also experience different physical changes. You might start losing weight, you might be bloated or gassy, you might sleep better or wake up in the middle of the night. You might have cravings, feel hunger pains, or lack energy.

All of these things are perfectly normal, but if you’re taking the stance of needing to be in this 100% raw, you might decide that it’s all too much at once and give up.

Going Raw At Your Own Pace

You have to understand that you’ll still be here in a year from now. So any small changes that you make right now will benefit you in the long term.

So even if you can just cut out coffee, and replace it with a green smoothie or green juice in the morning, you’re doing yourself a great service.

Building up small changes over the long term is a great way to include more raw foods into your diet, without causing you too much emotional stress.

Not to mention that taking it easy, is better for the people in your life. You don’t want to scare them or make them think that you’re going all crazy extremist on them, when they still enjoy eating steak.

What you want is to come up with an action plan that you will follow. You can do a 30 day raw trial, because that will give you motivation and results right away.

Your skin will get clear, your eyes will be brighter, you’ll lose weight if you have to, or gain weight if you need it, you’ll have more energy and you’ll sleep better.

But if you decide that after 30 days it’s going to be tough to keep going, then ease back to maybe 90% raw or 80% raw if that makes you more comfortable.

Because aren’t we all doing this raw food thing for a few simple reasons? We want to be healthier, and we want to live in a safe and healthy environment. So don’t make your environment more toxic by trying to go raw or die trying.