Come To BlogWorld and See Me Speak About Mouth Watering Content


Right now as I write this I’m feeling a wide range of emotions: excitement, gratitude, anxiety, and calm.

Yes, all of these emotions stem from the fact that on October 14th I’ll be speaking at the leading conference on blogging and social media: Blog World Expo.

My talk is entitled: “How to Entice Your Readers with Mouth Watering Content, So They Keep Coming Back for More”…

I’m such a sucker for puns that I couldn’t help but allude to food blogging in my talk description. So what exactly will you learn if you attend my session at Blog World Expo?

  • How to create your content in a way that really connects with your audience
  • Why it’s important to plan out your blog content in advance, and how to do it the right way
  • The only way to ensure your content lives on after you hit publish
  • My light hearted social media approach that gives your fans a way to spread the word about you while naturally attracting new readers
  • How to choose between all the different distribution channels: youtube, twitter, facebook, SEO, and guest blogging
  • When to pick one strategy and run with it, so you’ll get more results for your blogging efforts

So if you’ve been following me or my blog here for awhile, you’ve likely seen me apply some of these techniques. But one of the things I learned through years of experience in blogging and business is that trying to copy a tactic will fall flat if you don’t have the overall strategy.

In my mouth watering content talk I will share with you the overall strategy that creates a cohesive blog reading experience for your audience. That will lead to a growing blog and more influence in your niche or market.

More About Blog World Expo

Speaker at BlogWorld Expo

This year’s Blog World Expo promises to be an action packed “who’s who” of the blogging world. With keynotes by Scott Straten, Brian Clark and Sonia Simone, and in depth blogging training with ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. Yaro Starak, Jonathan Fields, and Wendy Piersall are also up to speak. And Leo Babauta of the popular blog Zen Habits will also be presenting.

As a long time blog reader and member of the blogosphere, I’ve gotta say I’m having a hard time choosing between the different panels and sessions. I know there’s something to learn for new bloggers and more experienced bloggers / online business owners as well.

I also want to highlight the fact that getting to hang out with people you know online (yay online friends!) is truly a treat. It’s the most inspiring thing to hang out with people who are just like you, but can also bring a fresh new perspective.

So What Do You Say?

Will you be joining me at Blog World Expo this October 14-16th in Las Vegas, Nevada? Let me know in the comments and tweet me – I want to meet you!

Looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned in my years as a blogger and entrepreneur. Let’s get bloggity!

Love, Nathalie