Real Food Reboot

Real food rebootHi there!

It’s been awhile since I wrote to you, and a lot has been happening behind the scenes at the Raw Foods Witch and in my personal life.

Since starting this website and business in 2009 I’ve…

  • Tried every type of raw food eating plan out there
  • Done some detoxing, rebounding, and hot yoga-ing
  • Traveled across North America to attend events and learn more about food and business
  • Started a second business focused on my strengths in technology and business strategy
  • Gotten married to my incredible man Robin (you may remember him from some of the kitchen demo videos we did together)
  • Moved from Canada to New York
  • Started experimenting with new ways of eating for my body’s health

It’s truly been a whirlwind experience, and none of it would have been possible without tapping into my witchy side and starting this whole thing.

But like with everything in life, there are seasons of change.

When I started the Raw Foods Witch I was just out of college, and most of my nutrition know-how was self-taught. I had a handful of clients and I mostly wrote about my experience going from a junk-food lifestyle to a raw food one.

The website took off, and soon people were asking me about my web design skills and how to start a business online.

So I took a detour, listened to my intuition and went on to build a thriving business strategy consulting and coaching company.

Sadly, this meant that the Raw Foods Witch website and brand had to be put on hold. And it started to show some wear around the edges… I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it anymore, and along the way I started to experiment with different ways of eating.

I realized that the biggest benefits of eating raw food were that I stopped eating processed food. I started working with a naturopathic doctor to uncover some of the symptoms I had started to develop over the years, and together we realized that my body needed more protein to balance out my sweet tooth.

I gently started eating organic, grass-fed, free-range meat and eggs. We worked together to identify what foods were causing issues, and which ones were helping me feel like an energetic 5 year old again.

The big discovery? That real food was the magic ingredient that I had known about all along, and that including a wider range of real food actually made me feel better, too.

That’s when I knew that it was time to come back to the Raw Foods Witch and lend my new-found know-how and experience back into this site.

Real Food Reboot

It’s reboot time!

And we’re rebranding to Real Foods Witch – because even though I haven’t donned my witch’s hat in awhile, I still love our carrot-flying logo, and the focus is now on real whole foods.

On the brand new Real Foods Witch website we’ll still have a ton of useful articles about staples like green smoothies and juices, real food recipes, and healthy living resources.

We’ll also be starting to publish new recipes, articles, and more books on Kindle in the weeks and months to come.

So let’s kickstart this brand reboot with a little celebration!

Head over to our newly rebranded Facebook page for a little socializing.

Thank you so much for your attention, for being here on this journey with me over the years, and for your commitment to trying something new and constantly being on the lookout for the best way to take care of yourself!

Here’s to you!
-Nathalie aka. Real Foods Witch

Let’s Change the World Together: It’s a Freak Revolution

As aspiring raw foodies and health revolutionaries, I think it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. You’re here already, so you’ve already taken the first step. Woohoo!

Freak Revolution Manifesto

I’ve also noticed that once you start making changes to the way you eat, a lot of other little things start to fall into place. Or out of place. You notice certain things that used to be normal, but that now seem odd or out of place. Maybe it was normal to watch TV for hours while chowing down on a whole bag of chips. But suddenly you realize there’s more to life than that.

That’s one step toward changing the world.

Two people who know a lot about changing the world are my good friends Pace and Kyeli – cofounders of the Freak Revolution.

I had the pleasure of talking to both Kyeli and Pace about the work they’re doing to change the status quo. We had such an awesome conversation that I know will inspire you and give you insights into your own life.

Click here to listen to the recording now.

Since learning about the Freak Revolution, I’ve really been able to return to my true roots. (It even gave me space to make this the Raw Foods Witch, and not just the Raw Food Switch.)

If the idea of changing the world really calls to you, then you will LOVE the Freak Revolution Manifesto. You can download the Freak Revolution Manifesto for free now.

I encourage anyone who is interested in real change for our planet to grab a copy of the Freak Revolution Manifesto and share it with as many people as possible.

It’s a call to arms hearts, and we can do it together.

Love, Nathalie