Raw Recipes

Raw Vegan Main Course Recipes

  • Rawgu Raw Entree/Main Meal: This is a hearty Chinese-inspired dish that has tons of easy to find ingredients, but doesn’t taste like your typical salad. Enjoy the video with Special Guest Chef Robin!
  • Raw Pate Recipe with Collard Wraps: Learn how to make an indian-inspired raw pate that you can customize to your tastes! Then find out how to use this pate to make delicious raw collard wraps.
  • Deliciously Simple Raw Salad Recipe: There’s definitely more to raw food than salads. But in the interest of being thorough, here is my most simple raw salad recipe!
  • Golden Garlic Salad Dressing: This is my favorite raw salad dressing. I make it often, and it disappears faster than I like to admit. It’s made with all kinds of yummy ingredients, and it goes with almost every salad.
  • Spring Salad: This is a simple spring salad recipe by Ingela, who shares her top three favorite raw spring recipes for healthy and glowing skin.

Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes

  • Raw Pumpkin Pie: A very simple raw pumpkin pie recipe that pleases crowds at thanksgiving, or really any time of the year! This recipe can also be made with raw sweet potato, or a variety of squashes. Give it a try!
  • Orange Chocolate Goji Berry Fudge: One of the most deliciously tangy white chocolate fudge recipes I’ve ever had, raw or not. This recipe uses goji berries and raw cacao butter, which means you’re getting tons of superfoods while eating delicious zesty white chocolate.
  • Raw Banana Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream: A super easy vegan ice cream that doesn’t require an ice cream maker. It’s just a matter of using the most basic frozen fruits to make a delicious summer (or winter!) treat for yourself and your family.
  • Raw Apple Pie: Super sweet apple pie for those who have yet to give raw pies a try!

Want More Raw Dessert Recipes? Get The Book!

healthy dessertsI’m so excited to announce that my dream of becoming a published author has finally come true. How? I published my book “30 Healthy Desserts You Can Eat Every Day” in May of 2012, and I’m so happy to be bringing these simple and delicious recipes to you.

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Fresh Raw Juices

  • The Beet Goes On: One of my favorite special occasion fresh juice recipes. The Beet Goes On is a super easy juice that tastes great, is full of healthy vegetables, and keeps you energized!

Raw Smoothie Recipes

  • Green Smoothies Galore: The tried and true way to eat more leafy greens is to drink green smoothies. Green what? Green smoothies are a mix of fruits and leafy green vegetables that taste great and are great for you!

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