Dangers of eating raw meat

There has been a lot of debate whether raw meat is safe to eat. Raw meat might sound scary, but you have probably consumed some without realizing it: rare steak at a steakhouse, steak tartare at a fine French restaurant, or sashimi at your favorite sushi bar. However, extreme caution must be taken when consuming raw meat, as our bodies are not built to combat the bacteria that might be found in uncooked animal product.

This article was originally published by Sakai City Institute of Public Health in 2007. It details a case where 4 family members contracted acute gastroenteritis from consuming raw meat and raw liver.

Here is the published article from Sakai City Institute of Public Health

An Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis Suspected to be Related to Contaminated Food

Of course, this case is an isolated incident, and it should not be taken as evidence that ALL raw meat will cause adverse health reactions. However, we highly recommend purchasing meat from quality sources, such as all grass-fed beef with no antibiotics/hormones. It is also a good idea to ask the butcher whether the meat can be eaten raw/rare.