I’m a geek girl. There I said it.

Geeking out, computers, programming, graphics design, Joss Whedon, anime, video games… Yep I may share my healthy eating side on this blog, but the truth is that I’m a multifaceted person.

Just like you. :)

Photo by Neal Gillis

I’m a geek girl. Other terms I’ve associated with in the past include: nerd, freak, Software Engineer, and gamer.

I’ve got a thing for bad puns.

Okay, maybe not bad puns. But I like giggling over the choice of a word.

I like that this site can be read as Raw Food Switch and Raw Foods Witch. It tickles my geek fancy.

I’m also a book worm. Like woah.

I love reading. In 2008 I read 52 books. In 2009 I read 62. Who knows how much I’ll read in 2010. Honestly I’m trying to tone down the reading so I can relax a little… and be gentler on my overstimulated eyes.

In high school my two favorite classes were English and Computer Science. (Though Physics and Calculus rocked my knee-high socks too.)

In the end I picked a Computer Science related field for college, but the artsy literature part of me never went away.

I wrote geeky articles in college.

I’ve always had a thing for writing. From angst-driven teenage poetry to participating in NaNoWriMo in 2007.

One of my employers encouraged me to publish my poetry, but other than a few personal web sites I’ve keep a pretty tight lid on it.

I did muster up the courage to write a few geeky articles for my University’s MathNEWS publication. (If that isn’t geeky, I don’t know what is.)

One of them was even selected as best of issue, and I got some geek cred to add to my arsenal.

Me and some classmates during frosh week.

I cry because of Joss Whedon. A lot.

A lot of my life has been influenced by the writing and works of Joss Whedon. He’s the creator of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse.

I may have over-identified with some of his characters while growing up. Willow the witch comes to mind here. If she had been raw, I think this site would make even more sense.

Last night my geeky boyfriend Robin and I were watching an episode of Firefly. And I cried.

Part of me cried because of the brilliance of the show. The characters, the emotions, the story. But part of me cried because I feel there is so much left to explore.

And somehow that just reflected my life and what I see out in the world. It feels like there is such a huge potential, but somehow it’s not being expressed.

I guess that’s why we live for more than a few hours… so we can truly express our potential and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Or make them cry. Thanks, Joss Whedon.

If there was a point, this would be it.

I would like to make this site a place where other geeks can come and giggle together. Over bad puns, tricky intellectual problems, or health tips. Who can resist laughing about bowel movements, anyways?!

I think there’s so much for us to explore, so much potential in each of us. In you.

This place is safe for you. It’s a geek’s haven. There’s no dogma, no judgement, just an open sharing of information.

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