Cleansing: is it good or bad?

Today, I want to share with you my client, Sara Bradford’s, take on this controversial topic.

From Sara:

I’m still on the fence about it.

As a registered holistic nutritionist, who has been working with clients for over five years, and experimented on herself A LOT, I feel like I’ve seen it all.

I’ve seen transformations come out of a change in diet alone. Life-changing ones that elevate people to another stage in their health.

And I’ve also seen people have the opposite experience. Thyroid conditions arise, low energy follows, a spike in feeling amazing followed by total burn-out, the feeling of overwhelming hunger, digestive issues getting WORSE. All from eating in a way that is SUPPOSED TO be “healthy” or better.

I’ve been around the block and I can tell you MANY reasons NOT to cleanse.

What!?!? Not cleanse? Bet you haven’t heard that too often. But I’m totally serious. There may be reasons you feel CRAPPY AFTER you’ve done one, or a reason why you can’t FINISH one. And it’s not your fault. Our society — and the industry I work in — tends to throw out MANY health food claims. And one is that we ALL NEED TO CLEANSE. Like we are dirty little beings.

But guess what…our bodies are going through a natural detox process all the time. We are CONSTANTLY detoxing. It’s what we are designed to do. Our detox organs are working really hard all the time. And while it makes sense to lighten the load, and clear out detox pathways in order for the job to be done more efficiently — it doesn’t mean we have to go to such extremes to do it.

Here are a pile of reasons to give that cleanse a second thought:

  1. Many Cleanses make you HUNGRY. Being hungry sucks. And it can be done differently.
  2. Many Cleanses do not take into account the various seasons — we are designed to eat seasonally for a reason — because the foods grown then are also what our bodies need. It doesn’t mean you need to go your life without avocado. But re-think that juice cleanse in January.
  3. Many Cleanses do not take into account everyone’s various constitutions. What may be right for one, is not necessarily right for another. Period. For example: Some people digest raw vegetables fine — however, others may as well be eating razor blades as raw vegetables.
  4. Many Cleanses, especially juice cleanses, are high in natural sugar OR filled with green cruciferous vegetables that can wreck havoc on your thyroid, if you’re not careful.
  5. A juice Cleanse (specifically) is pretty darn low in fibre. And while it may release toxins, it provides very littles for toxins to bind to. Therefore, you end up feeling pretty rotten, as those toxins keep circulating. And sometimes it makes it awfully hard to poop, also.
  6. Speaking of poop — nothing brings you closer to your own bowel movements than a Cleanse. Many people go into a Cleanse unaware of this — and are shocked to discover themselves on the toilet for 10 days. Or, possibly even worse, bunged up for the entire time. Ack!
  7. Many Cleanses expect you to do it alone. No support from a team or guidance from a practitioner. The questions and concerns you have go unanswered. The little box of supplements don’t pat you on the back or suggest alternatives. And without support or people that help through the thick and thin of it, you’re more than likely just going to QUIT!
  8. Many Cleanses make you feel TERRIBLE. Headaches, fatigue, bowel issues, achey, hungry, angry, shaky — and you still have to deal with LIFE, kids, work, and all of it.
  9. Many Cleanses make you feel GREAT for a while — then afterwards, when you’ve become addicted to feeling this way and just want to keep going FOREVER…you crash. Because guess what? You’re not SUPPOSED to cleanse all the time. At some point, you need to begin building again.
  10. Stress. Cleanses cause stress. Stress affects digestion. Stress kind of affects EVERYTHING. If you are in an extremely stressed state to begin with a Cleanse is not going to help. It’s going to make it worse.

Is there a solution? Well..yeah there is!

Eat Real Food!

Chances are you’ve had a relaxing yet fairly indulgent summer. The stress of Fall is beginning to take its toll. And you are well aware of the upcoming holiday season.

I’ve designed this 10-Day group food cleanse, that’s kind of an UnCleanse, to help you — with a strong focus on:

  • Digestion — to make it as soothed and amazing as it could be
  • Immune System — to build it up for the best winter ever
  • Self-Care — because that is something many of you don’t get enough of
  • Yoga — because sometimes all you need is permission
  • Seasonal — because it’s Fall and you deserve the foods that are going to ground you


To read more head here: The Fall Community Dump + The UnCleanse

There is so much good that comes out of THIS CLEANSE, I don’t even want to call it a Cleanse. So it’s an UnCleanse.

However, if you want to keep playing you can — for an entire 6-weeks. If you want to go farther and longer than 10-days, and transition from cleanse back to a real food (yet indulgent) life, then sign up for the entire program. It’s the 10-day Community Dump + 4 more weeks.

Please join in the fun. I’ve had fun just sharing with you. xo

How To Make Kombucha Tea

Byline: Patsie Smith

how to make KombuchaKombucha is an ancient Chinese elixir and tonic, a fermented tea that you can easily make yourself. You will need to obtain a starter culture called SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), sounds disgusting? Not really! Its actually quite a cute little guy :) You can buy a SCOBY from some health food stores, adopt it from a friend or google search for local kombucha makers. Often other kombucha makers are most willing to give away SCOBYS for free as each batch of kombucha produces a baby SCOBY.

Kombucha is a probiotic tea, excellent for strengthening your immune system, maintaining and healing your digestive system, restoring life energy, and tastes awesome!

How to make Kombucha

  1. Brew 2 liters of organic black tea (or any kind of favorite tea) with filtered/natural spring water in a tall glass bottle or jar.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of raw organic sugar (or rice malt if intolerant to sugar), stir gently. Leave to cool to room temperature.
  3. Pop in the SCOBY and some SCOBY liquid (from previous brew) and cover the top with a muslin cloth, secured with a tie.
  4. Sit it in a cool dark part of the kitchen or in your pantry for 7-10 days.
  5. After 7-10 days pour the tea out of the container. Don’t be concerned if there are white stringy bits in the tea, they’re the ‘good bugs’. And the tea will be slightly effervescent from the fermentation.
  6. Keep the mother SCOBY with a small residual amount of tea and you may share away the baby, or keep them both and make your next double batch of kombucha.
  7. Serve and drink anytime, or along with your Asian noodle meal.

The tea can be kept in a closed bottle in the fridge for freshness and consumed slowly. Please note: no metal or plastic utensils should be used in the whole SCOBY making process or it will taint the brew. Also, examine to ensure it does not grow mold, to prevent this you may spray some apple cider vinegar over the surface. In the rare event that it does get moldy (usually in humid environments) discard the batch and start afresh.

Please share your experiences in making kombucha in the comments section. Blessings to you…namaste.

website profile

Patsie Smith is a spiritual author and guide, intuitive and energetic healer, meditation and yoga teacher. She helps facilitate healing on every level of one’s being. To connect with her weekly wisdom, meditation and guided healing journeys visit

Every End Is a New Beginning…

Changes Afoot at Raw Food Switch
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Those of you who have been following Raw Food Switch for awhile have seen the Raw Food Transition Carnivals.

Well, I’m kind of sad and happy to say that the Raw Food Transition Carnival is going on hiatus. I might decide to revive it at some point if there is interest, but for now consider it on vacation.

The circus folks decided to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, and forage for greens to make green smoothies. Go figure!

Flip The Raw Food Switch Teleseminar

I believe that with every end comes a new beginning. That’s why I’m so excited to announce my free teleseminar: Flip The Raw Food Switch!

It’s a one-hour teleclass happening on Thursday May 28th, 2009 8pm EST, 5pm PST.

Here’s what I’m going to cover on this special one-time event:

  • I’m going to share my raw food story & how I got over the bumps.
  • I’m going to reveal one of the myths that most people accept when it comes to food and nutrition.
  • I’ll show you how to start your day off for raw success.
  • I’ll disclose some of the mindsets that are necessary for going raw without going crazy!

Join Me and Watch Your Light Go “Ding!”

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Raw Food Transition Carnival #2: Smoothie Edition

Photo by Jeff McCann

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Raw Food Transition Carnival #1: General Feel Good Raw Food Edition

Raw Food Transition Blog Carnival #1
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