How to Make Your Butt Look Good By Being Inspired To Move

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How to make your butt look good with Theresa StevensMy name is Theresa Stevens and I’m a Samba dancer, a Booty Bumpin’ Teacher & a Pleasurable Fitness Coach. Great job titles, right? :)

If you’re getting into caring for your body by eating whole, nutrient-dense food, and you’re ready to add some exercise into the mix so that you can enjoy all of the smokin’ hot benefits (like how to make your butt look good)…

You may be wondering:

How can I change exercise from something I’m supposed to do into something I WANT to do? And how do I turn it into part of my lifestyle?

Well, first things first, I want to invite you to ditch the word “exercise” and think about the idea of “moving & playing in your body” instead!

I don’t know when we coined the phrase “exercise”… but “exercise” often feels like something that we need to “motivate” ourselves to do.

Shawn Achor, researcher and author of The Happiness Advantage, found that we only have a short supply of “motivational energy” available to us every day! And we can use this energy up pretty quickly, just with simple tasks like getting up early and taking time to make a healthy breakfast.

So what’s a health lover to do?

Here are 5 quick tips that allow you to feel inspired (and even healthfully addicted) to exercise your way to a great looking butt:

1. For a Great Looking Butt: Make Moving More Playful

Want to know a secret about making “exercise” a part of your daily lifestyle? It’s that your body WANTS to move, and it wants to play every single day.

Now I’m not just talking about working out: your body just wants to straight-up move around every day. (Not spend the whole day sitting in a chair!)

It’s part of our animal nature.

And we’ve created jobs and cultures around doing just the opposite. We’re sitting on our butts for way too long at work, on the sofa at night, in our car during the commute… and not enough time shaking our booties!

In fact, I believe that when you can allow your body to move and play everyday… you can get out of your “mind,” which can get mired down with repetitive thoughts, worries, and to-do’s… and into the silent meditative connection of being IN your body.

So it’s time to start giving your body what it loves and craves: lung expanding, heart beating, sweaty pleasurable movement and play.

2. Schedule It & Let Your Body Do The Rest

The idea of “playing and moving in your body” is really fun!

Once you start doing it, your body will actually help you make a healthy habit of it because it loves it so much!

That’s why it’s so important to put your “playful movement” time into your calendar and plan your day around it!

And yes, the first 1 to 5 times you go to do your movement activity, you’re going to have to make a conscious choice to do that, rather than sit on the coach and watch a movie. But after you do this several times, your body will get in line and really help support you because it feels so good!

I find that even when I’m a little tired from thinking too much or working too hard, and I’m supposed to go to a dance class… I know I’m going to feel more energized, more creative, more sensual, more in love with my body. I’m going to feel so much better after I go dance… but I don’t want to go because I feel burned out.

I can hear my mind saying, “Oh I’m so tired. I just want to sit on the sofa.”

But my body knows we’re going to have such a good time! I’m going to feel so much better if I just go.

At this point, you don’t have to “motivate” yourself. You just look forward to it and your body helps you make it a part of who you are and what you do.

3. How to Make Your Butt Look Good By Starting With What You Have

Now the third important and inspirational tip, is that you want to start where you’re at and playfully build from there.

You can get un-inspired to exercise when you do something that’s outside of your current fitness range.

Make Your Butt Look GoodDoes this sounds familiar? Have you ever flipped through a magazine and seen a picture of a fitness model and she has rocking hot abs, these beautiful legs and a great butt?

And you think, oooh, yes I want to have that too. Be careful: you don’t want to jump off the deep end and try to do really intense fitness programs immediately, because that’s when injuries happen. You’ll end up with sore, stiff muscles.

You want to acknowledge where you are with your fitness and movement level.

Make sure that you’re eating nutrient, dense whole foods. Because if you’re not eating whole foods, exercising will actually feel very draining… which is not an inspiring way to feel, at all!

I recommend starting with something like walking every day. Walking is a great way to notice all of the beauty around you, clear your mind, and also release the muscles in your back and hips.

Then as quickly as you can, add to your daily walks by challenging yourself with more fun and playful forms of movement…that are actually more powerfully effective for burning fat and building sexy muscle.

4. Do Something That Works (So You’ll Want To Keep Going)

Nothing is more inspiring than enjoying the RESULTS of your efforts, right? So pick a type of movement that you enjoy and understand why it works!

Once you’ve gotten the hang of eating more real food and getting great nutrition… Challenge yourself and enjoy getting a variety of movement into your life with both aerobic (Interval Training types of movement) and anaerobic (Strength Training types of movement).

Making the best of both kinds of exercise (resistance training and cardio) has been shown to give you the BEST sexy fitness results.

You may be excited to hear that there’s a type of movement that combines BOTH cardio, or aerobic movement, AND muscle-building, anaerobic movement.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to do, and it’s an ancient form of movement that’s very playful and fun!

It’s called Concurrent Training…

It’s been shown through a 2008 research study at the University of California in Santa Cruz and Berkley, to be a significantly effective form of exercise to burn abdominal fat, while building sexy muscle and reducing post-workout soreness! Yes!

I’m into combining “booty-focused” strength training with dancing, because you get great results from simple and sexy movements that gently and consistently “work” the posterior chain of muscles in your body.

When you’re “using your booty,” you start to feel really inspired and committed to doing them!

These movements can feel good on your body and not draining (when combined with eating nutrient-dense foods).

Because these movements are tapping into the power and pleasure of using your *posterior chain* (your booty muscles) you get quick results. When you get fast results and you can see your butt looking better day by day, it’s inspiration to keep working out!

The good news? This style of movement is simple. And you can also really enjoy the PROCESS to getting a great looking butt and body.

5. Feel Sexy & Beautiful Now!

My last pleasurable fitness tip is that you want to escape the stress of disliking your body as much as possible. Make your commitment to movement from a place of loving and taking care of your body, rather than hating your body.

This is extremely important, because when you’re feeling stressed, your body sends out neurotransmitters like Cortisol, that tell your body to hold onto it’s resources, and store fat. This then triggers you to eat foods higher in sugar, causing a downward spiral.

Make Your Butt Look GoodThat’s why if you’re experiencing stress, it will be challenging to lose weight or experience fitness results from what you’re doing.

Disliking how your body is right now is one of the worst kinds of stress. When you catch your eye in the mirror and put yourself down, it can start to feel like a self-made prison that you can’t escape.

Start by loving and appreciating your body, just as it is right now. This in turn will allow all of the wonderful changes you’re wanting can take place to happen more easily.

It sounds like a Catch-22, but if you look for things to love and appreciate about your body, while you’re having fun… it can actually be a much easier shift to make!

And that’s why I believe dancing and booty-focused strength training is so powerful.

When you squeeze and release your butt muscles, the largest muscle group in your body… or you dance in what I call the “African seated dance position,” not only are you in the perfect position to burn fat and build some sexy muscle, but using the largest muscle groups in your body actually triggers a flood of happiness and sensuality hormones, including testosterone and human growth hormone, that help you feel more sensual and free!

When you’re doing booty-focused strength training or dancing I highly recommend wearing an outfit that you enjoy wearing.

Exercising doesn’t mean that you need to throw on your baggiest sweats and oldest t-shirt. When you see yourself in the mirror wearing these old, worn-out things, you’re just not going to feel good about yourself!

Now you don’t need an expensive workout wardrobe either. I just recommend wearing clothes that make you feel good, and make you feel beautiful, when you wear them.

Feeling sensual and free helps you want to exercise and play in your body! Dancing with your hips, and moving what I like to call the “Pleasure Center” of your body really turns on your sensuality, your sense of personal freedom and power… not to mention a fabulous looking butt you’ll love, too.

Let’s Move Together!

Woo-hoo! All right, I hope you enjoyed my 5 Quick Tips to feel “inspired” rather than “motivated” to move your body. And if you would love to learn how you can feel sexy and beautiful in your body right now, and how you can burn fat and build sexy muscle by moving with the “pleasure center” of your body…

Come check out my free 3 Day “Move Your Booty” Challenge… and let’s move and celebrate all of the beauty that we are!

Lots of love and booty-shaking beauty,

Theresa Stevens
Samba Dancer, Booty Bumpin’ Teacher
Pleasurable Fitness Coach

3 Mom-Tested Tips for Picky Eaters

mom tested tips for picky eatersByline: Ashley Srokosz

A few short months ago, I was that Mom who couldn’t stop from telling everyone how my son eats whatever we put in front of him with gusto.

How we don’t make him special meals.

How he even eats, wait for it, kale.

Then he hit 20-months old, started using the independence lobe of his brain and decided that he only wanted to eat noodles (“noni”), pizza (“pipa”), toast (“toastie”, don’t ask me where he got the “ie” at the end from) and cereal. Basically, carbs, carbs, and carbs, with a little tomato sauce thrown in for good measure.

I stayed strong for the first week or so and refused to make him just those 4 things rotated at every meal. He must learn to eat real food. He must eat what we eat.

Not only did he refuse to eat any of these meals, but he also threw all of the food on the ground for good measure.

The words “little jerk” came to mind more than once (and no, I didn’t call him that to his face, he’s repeating everything we say right now!).

After those first panic-inducing 7 days, with worries like:

– Will he ever eat a vegetable again?
– Will this affect his growth?
– Is this just a phase?

I figured out three sure-fire ways to get something other than a bread product into my new picky eater.

3 Tips for Picky Eaters

1. Roast them (the veggies, not the picky eaters):

I figured out that my son wasn’t being picky with taste as much as with texture and chew-time. He takes after my husband in the sense that if he can’t swallow something after 3 chews, he doesn’t want to swallow it. Grown-ups and older kids learn not to eat those foods and get labeled picky eaters, but my son still puts it in his mouth, chews it a few times, and then spits it back out. It’s like he’s a vampire, sucking all the blood out of the locally-sourced, grass-fed organic steak that we regularly have for dinner.
This was definitely a problem when we started getting bags and bags of snap and sugar peas in our CSA delivery. While cruising Pinterest one day, I came across the idea to roast the peas, which I’ve never seen before. After a little coconut oil, salt, pepper, and 20 minutes in a 450 degree F oven, those babies were sweet and tender, and just the right amount of charred. I consider this a perfect solution for both picky eaters and the “only meat and potatoes” men in our lives, all in one dish. I’ll totally be trying this when beans come into season too.

2. Puree them into pesto:

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m a holistic nutritionist who hates green smoothies. There, I said it. I prefer to eat my food instead of drinking it and I’m hungry 20 minutes after drinking one. It just doesn’t work for my body type (not to say it won’t work for yours. Remember, 7 billion diets for 7 billion people). So what was I to do with half a garden of kale all needing to be picked from our garden at once?
Pesto. Since we didn’t have enough basil, it was a perfect opportunity to experiment. I figured my son wouldn’t eat it, and I didn’t want to waste it, so I made him his “noni”, and left half of them plain and the other half with pesto. To my utter shock and amazement, he literally sucked the pesto off of the noodles. Total score. We now eat kale pesto (recipe below!) at least once a week for dinner, and I make huge batches and freeze them in ice cube trays for quick lunches. I love that he’s getting lots of green veggies without me having to hide them in tomato sauce or lasagna. Mix it up with arugula, watercress, or mild spinach for those really picky eaters. I also use it for pizza sauce, since too many tomatoes gives my son a rash around his mouth.

3. Peel them into ribbons:

Our little picky eater won’t eat carrot sticks, and he won’t eat shredded carrots, but he will eat carrots that I peel into thin ribbons! Well, to tell the truth, he eats most of them. That is, until he shoves so many into his mouth that they take too long to chew (see #1 above). The fact that he even eats any is enough for me. When zucchini comes into season, I’ll be using the same technique, and I’ll maybe even get wild and try it with parsnips in the fall.

Here’s the super simple recipe for my secret green sauce:

Kale Pesto Recipe


Prep time: 5 minutes
Serves: 4-6 people


  • 2 cloves raw garlic, peeled
  • 2 cups kale, washed and stems removed
  • 1/2 cup hemp seeds
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp real salt (Himalayan pink sea salt, Celtic grey sea salt, Redmond’s Real Salt)
  • 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper


  1. Start cooking your pasta. Meanwhile, make the pesto
  2. Put the raw garlic in a food processor. Process until finely chopped.
  3. Add the kale and hemp seeds. Process for 10 seconds until chopped.
  4. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil while the processor is running until you reach your desired consistency. Use 1/4 cup of olive oil for thicker pesto, and 1/2 cup for thinner pesto.
  5. Add salt and pepper, process for another few seconds.
  6. Drain your cooked pasta.
  7. Add about 1 tsp per serving to the hot pasta, and mix well.
  8. Serve with a side salad or some fresh sliced tomato drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with sea salt.

– substitute pretty much any other nut or seed for the hemp seeds/hearts
– substitute pretty much anything green for the kale, such as spinach, Swiss chard, arugula, watercress, or the classic basil
– substitute garlic scapes for the regular garlic

What’s YOUR favourite way to expand the repertoire of picky eaters?

Cheers smallAshley Srokosz is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, meal planning mediator, and founder of, who helps busy mamas avoid spontaneous combustion by solving the never-ending “what’s for dinner?” debate.

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4 Steps to Sanity At Dinner Time For Busy Moms

Byline: Heather Rampolla

4STEPSTOSANITYATDINNERTIMEI’ve noticed that most moms struggle at dinner time. It makes sense. When dinner time rolls around your brain is likely fried after working all day. Having to decide “what’s for dinner?” (once again) can create a lot of stress.

Add to it the struggle of picky eaters, it’s no wonder that we often revert to something convenient versus something healthy.

Follow these 4 steps to keep your sanity and eat healthy during dinner time.

4 Steps to Sanity At Dinner Time For Busy Moms

Step 1: Have A Simple Plan

Remember that phrase, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly)? This applies to creating meal plans, too.

Some of us have an aversion to being in the kitchen. If this is you, it’s okay! Having a meal plan doesn’t require you to be a Martha Stewart type. Rather, having a plan is super smart if you don’t favor being in the kitchen.

I like to keep things ultra simple for this never ending chore of making dinner. Having a simple meal plan allows me to spend more time with those I love or doing something I enjoy.

Amy Wright, creator of The Mom CEO Sanity Renewal System, and mother of four, recommends a great resource to her busy clients:

“If you can’t hire a personal chef, then use

Meal plans start at $5 per month and offer weekly plans according to your eating preferences, including paleo, clean eating, or vegetarian.

Step 2: Be In The Moment

The truth is that you spend more time preparing your food than you do sitting together at the table eating it. If you’re not aware, you often finish eating before you have the opportunity to enjoy this precious time (and then it’s off to the next task – clean up!).

As a busy mom, you’re going so fast… and our job is never really done. But this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the moments together as a family.

I love the suggestion from Nina Manolson, Holistic Health Coach,  and mother of two:

“Create a 2 minute ritual to pause in silent meditation before eating.”

This simple ritual creates the intention of, “this is family dinner time” and reminds us that this is a sacred space of nourishment.

Step 3: Put The Veggies Out

When I help moms, they often express to me their desire to eat healthy and also the guilt they struggle with for not serving healthy options. Here’s the dealio… put the veggies out and stop beating yourself up about not being a good parent!

Be prepared that the family might not be excited about change. Change can be scary, right? Let them know veggies at dinner is the new norm, but also reassure them that this doesn’t mean the end to the foods they know and love.

And mom, make sure to be consistent with adding in new veggies. If you haven’t been consistent in the past, expect the family to rebel. This negative behavior has served them previously because it got you to cave in on these healthy changes.  Stay consistent and soon they will stop with any complaints.

Step 4: Don’t Take it Personally

Presenting dinner is often done as act of service for those we love. Kids (and partners) usually aren’t aware of the thought and effort that goes into planning and preparing meals.

If the family is not hungry or doesn’t like the options served that night, remember not to force them to finish it all. No one likes to be forced or controlled… doing so only leads to rebellion. Remain calm if the family doesn’t finish the meal you prepared, knowing this isn’t a reflection of their love for you.

In fact, it really is okay if they don’t eat it all. After all, you want them to learn to listen to their body – when they’re full or hungry.

These 4 Steps: Have a plan, be present, put the veggies out, & don’t take it personal, are foundational steps to keeping your sanity at dinner time.


HeatherRampollaHeather Rampolla is an author, blogger, healthy eating coach, and host of Fresh Eats Radio for moms with a full plate.  Want more help balancing it all without sacrificing your health? Click here to discover the 3 Steps To Get Out Of Your FUNK & Stop Eating JUNK!