The Most Important Asset Of All… Is This

Guest Post By Karen Landriau

When Nathalie posted  “Accounting is Sexy”, I knew I had to read it because it triggered a “Whaaaat?” reaction in me.  If this got you curious too, you can read it here. She mentions the two (2) most overlooked parts of business and I’m adding what I believe to be the MOST overlooked, the SEXIEST of them all: You.

Without you there is no business.

Taking care of yourself  is actually an integral part of your business and that contributes to its growth.

If you don’t put yourself as a priority in your business it will suffer.  When your health is optimal EVERYTHING is easier.

Good news, bad news

The good news is, your body  & mind usually don’t break down overnight.  The bad news is … well, they don’t usually break down overnight.  And this is one of the reasons we keep putting ourselves last on our list.  It isn’t one mishap but the daily little actions that we take that make us healthy or not.  Whether your overload of toxins produces symptoms such as headaches, weight gain, bloat, acne, cough, pains & aches or moodiness, they all play a role in how your business is doing.

When you keep ignoring them over time, they start affecting your business slowly slowly until you can’t do it anymore because that cold has got you glued to your bed, your foggy mind can’t focus on that deal/strategy and you just can’t decide what the right thing to do is, you get impatient with a major client and blow that relationship, you get burnt out and just lose your drive.   This isn’t why you started your business.  Okay, maybe a bit melodramatic but you get the point and these things happen at different degrees.

As a business owner, everything is your responsibility.  Isn’t it even more important to be at your optimal health since everything is dependant on you?  If your mind is not totally focused, clear, and able to handle the challenges how long do you think your business will last?

Now, I know.  You‘re super busy and things really need to get done so what’s a driven entrepreneur to do?  Here are 3 easy strategies that you can implement today without thinking about it too much to keep you and your business healthy.

Go for quality over quantity

You have children and/or tight deadlines and schedules and can’t go to bed early enough so, at least make it count when you close your eyes at night.  Have that room completely dark.  I mean pitch black dark, “can’t see your hand in front of your face” dark.

The darkness  allows your body to produce the hormone melatonin needed to help the internal natural rhythm of sleep.  Disruption in melatonin production may affect how your body stores fat and potentially lead to weight gain.  There are studies that even link the lack of melatonin with premature aging, cancer & heart problems. Now, does any of that sound good for your business?

Here’s how you can maintain darkness during sleep:

  • Get blackout curtains or a sleep mask
  • Put a towel on the floor at the bedroom door to prevent the light from the other side/hallway to come through under it
  • Cover your digital clock and put a towel over it

Ok, maybe the mask is not the sexiest for your partner but definitely the sexiest when you wake up looking all refreshed and not snapping at anyone.

The Trifecta effect

IMG_3091This one is not talked about enough.  Did you know that the air inside your office or home is most of the time more polluted than outside?  And if you wonder how that affects your health, just ask someone with asthma or someone that had mold in their house how much quality air is important? You don’t need those major problems for quality air to affect you.

When you stay indoors for long periods of time you keep breathing the same air.  That air becomes stale. Your body needs fresh air to be fuelled. When you get more oxygen to your brain, the clearer your mind becomes.

Over time,  if you keep breathing in stale air you may get various symptoms like headaches, tiredness, sluggishness.  Also, fresh air is essential for keeping your immune system strong, so without it, you may get frequent colds.  I’ve never heard of increased productivity at work during  a cold, have you?

Going outside and getting some fresh air is the 3 in 1 perfection.  The fresh air provides oxygen to your brain & every cell in your body.  And, you’re probably not just standing around breathing, hopefully you went around the block for a short walk,  you moving a bit contributes to increasing your blood flow and that means more energy & oxygen and more oxygen helps your brain operate better!   The third benefit is that you get some sunshine at the same time, even if the skies are overcast, it’s still triggering your skin to produce some Vitamin D which is good for the immune and nervous system and the brain.  Makes me want to step outside right now!

Last but not least

IMG_2824How can I not talk about hydrating properly when it has such a big affect on your energy, your hunger, your skin, your digestion, you immune system & your mind!

Your impaired mental abilities are the first symptoms of dehydration. Do you think your business runs smoother on a dehydrated brain?

Although we all know we should drink more we don’t always do it.

So the best way, the easiest way to incorporate this into your daily life is to start your day with 8 to 16 ounces, room temperature water, as soon as you wake up!

Whether you put the glass on your nightstand, the counter in the bathroom or the kitchen counter right in front of the coffee machine,  drinking water first thing just helps your body and mind get started in the morning.

Bonus points if you added fresh lemon juice to it (no plastic juice please!) but not necessary.

Progression versus perfection

IMG_3854One step at a time.  You won’t be perfect every single day.  It is the daily little actions that count and make a big difference. So choose one strategy, just one, choose the easiest for you to integrate during the week and do it for one week and see the benefits for you and your business in only 7 days.

When you’re healthy, you have a happier disposition, you see things differently, you make different choices and you can handle the challenges better.  When you’re in your optimal health state you are the next level of you.  So tell me, how can your business not be affected by that?  How are you not the most important & sexiest asset in you business?  Do yourself and your business a favor and start treating yourself like the sexiest, most important asset that you know you are.

Wishing you prosperous health & wealth!

IMG_4546Karen is a holistic health strategist and the creator of the KLANDAR,  a tool that guides her clients from where they are now to where they want to be.  She supports men & women who have put themselves on the back burner long enough and are ready to take their health to the next level.  She is the support whisperer for a healthier lifestyle.   Her approach is pretty different than what most people are used to.  It’s not just about food.


Sticking to your Raw Foods Diet: Three free services to help keep you accountable to your goals.

This is a guest post by Ethan Waldman.

You’re so exited.

You’ve just got access to a great resource and you can’t wait to start. You watch the video. You read the book. You take the first step immediately. The next day, you wake up with the same fever that you had the night before, and you follow through. But then, as the days and weeks pile up, something gets in the way. Despite our best intentions, we are hampered by other priorities in our life. Maybe you’ve tried keeping a journal of your progress, or you’ve put post-it notes on your fridge to help remind you, but if you’re like me, the journal falls down between your night stand and bed, and the post-its get knocked off the fridge and all of a sudden you’ve gone back to your old ways.

I set out to find a better way to stick to my goals, and since I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, it needed to be a digital solution. Wouldn’t it make sense to use a system that reminds us in the places that we spend most of our time? Thankfully, people who are smarter and craftier than myself have already undertaken this endeavor. I’d like to introduce you to three fantastic goal tracking tools that I have used with great success.

Joe’s Goals

Definitely the nerdiest of the solutions, Joe’s Goals is great if you want to hold yourself to doing a bunch of different things. You can add all of your activities and tell it how often you want to do them- you can specify days of the week or just a certain number of times per week. Then, as you complete each activity, simply check the corresponding box. Joe’s Goals will even give you a score on how you’re doing. This would be great if you’re trying to eat certain foods a certain number of times per week. For me, just seeing a list of all the activities that I want to be doing regularly is enough to prompt me to do them.


According to HabitForge, it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit, and the service aims to do just that. After filling in a short form that explains what new habit you’d like to acquire along with what the benefits of acquiring it would be, HabitForge sends you a daily email with a simple yes or no question. When I used HabitForge, I was trying to get in the habit of keeping a dream journal so I could start remembering my dreams. “Hi Ethan! Were you successful yesterday at writing a dream intention journal entry before bed and writing down any dreams as you wake up? Yes .. No. Habit forge tracks your progress in days as they pass. Here’s the catch though, if you skip a day, the clock starts over again at day one.


OhLife is a daily journal that you keep online. What’s different about OhLife is that instead of getting stacked in a pile of books on your bedside table and forgotten, OhLife asks you to post every day with a simple email, which poses the question “How was your day?” Feeling uninspired to write? It will even include a random snippet from an old entry if you so desire. All you need to do is respond, and you’ve posted in your online diary. You can log on to the website for a blog-like view of your old entries. I use OhLife as my only daily diary, and have been for over one year and counting. That’s the longest I’ve ever consistently written in a diary. How to use it for specific goals? Well, if eating Raw Foods is your goal, keep a journal of your challenges, successes and questions you have, or just as a general log of your progress.

Not sure which one to choose?

Well, if you’re looking to form a single new habit, or break an old one, HabitForge is the way to go. Habit Forge is the most persistent of the three. And it’s really infuriating when the clock resets itself back to day one. I found myself creating new habits before the 21 days ended.

If you have a more complex set of goals that you want to really ‘track’, Joe’s Goals is your ticket. It will especially appeal those who are very analytical and like charts and data. I found it to be a really powerful way to visualize all of my goals in one place.

Finally, if you want a simple but flexible daily journal that will politely remind you to write in it, OhLife is excellent. Just don’t use all three services at once, or you’ll end up needing to create a habit forge to remind you to respond to OhLife and track it all in Joe’s Goals.

Ethan Waldman believes that you should always have control of the technology in your life. He coaches and shares his passion for technology at, where you can enter to win a month of free coaching (contest ends April 13th).

Thank You Raw Foods Witch Readers

Get this recipe in the library here.

We’ve had a magical start to this new year with the Cure Cravings Forever program. But there isn’t any real magic without a community. I just wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you. Thank you for taking the time to comment and send me messages, and thank you for being a part of this ever expanding journey into raw food.

The Magick Menu Review

We recently had a great write up in Raw Habit. If you’re not familiar with Raw Habit, it’s an awesome blog dedicated to helping you not only simplify eating raw but really making it a natural part of your daily life. Here’s a little bit of what Raw Habit had to say about the Magick Menu.

“I’ve been playing with the Magick Menu this weekend. And loving it!”

“I found it very easy to find recipes, drag and drop them onto a weekly schedule, save the menu to my account library (cool! save even more time by re-using), and print out a shopping list of ingredients. The best part was saving to PDF. The PDF is rendering in a simple, easily printable form which won’t drain my paper & toner reserves. The layout is a plain menu grid at the top of the page, then a bullet-point shopping list, and, best of all, the full recipes for the week. I made a menu of green juices & smoothies, plus some heavily green raw veggie soups.”

One of my favorite parts of The Magick Menu is the recipe sharing portion. I love that we all can take part in supporting each other in the vibrancy of eating raw. I’m looking forward to trying all the amazing recipes that have been added by each of you!

Ode to Raw Foods Witch

We also had another write up on Marla Sarris’s blog.

“If you aren’t familiar with her, Nathalie Lussier, otherwise known as The Raw Foods Witch is definitely someone you should look into! I just recently tried out a few of her recipes in her free e-book and will give you a visual taste of what you have in store if you check out her e-book.”

Marla Sarris has a fabulous blog about cooking, travel and fitness. It’s an honor to have her review my raw recipes in a visual tour : )

I just wanted to take a moment and thank both Raw Habit and Marla Sarris for their kind words. And to thank each of you for being a part of the Raw Foods Witch community!

Lots of Love,

Come To BlogWorld and See Me Speak About Mouth Watering Content


Right now as I write this I’m feeling a wide range of emotions: excitement, gratitude, anxiety, and calm.

Yes, all of these emotions stem from the fact that on October 14th I’ll be speaking at the leading conference on blogging and social media: Blog World Expo.

My talk is entitled: “How to Entice Your Readers with Mouth Watering Content, So They Keep Coming Back for More”…

I’m such a sucker for puns that I couldn’t help but allude to food blogging in my talk description. So what exactly will you learn if you attend my session at Blog World Expo?

  • How to create your content in a way that really connects with your audience
  • Why it’s important to plan out your blog content in advance, and how to do it the right way
  • The only way to ensure your content lives on after you hit publish
  • My light hearted social media approach that gives your fans a way to spread the word about you while naturally attracting new readers
  • How to choose between all the different distribution channels: youtube, twitter, facebook, SEO, and guest blogging
  • When to pick one strategy and run with it, so you’ll get more results for your blogging efforts

So if you’ve been following me or my blog here for awhile, you’ve likely seen me apply some of these techniques. But one of the things I learned through years of experience in blogging and business is that trying to copy a tactic will fall flat if you don’t have the overall strategy.

In my mouth watering content talk I will share with you the overall strategy that creates a cohesive blog reading experience for your audience. That will lead to a growing blog and more influence in your niche or market.

More About Blog World Expo

Speaker at BlogWorld Expo

This year’s Blog World Expo promises to be an action packed “who’s who” of the blogging world. With keynotes by Scott Straten, Brian Clark and Sonia Simone, and in depth blogging training with ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. Yaro Starak, Jonathan Fields, and Wendy Piersall are also up to speak. And Leo Babauta of the popular blog Zen Habits will also be presenting.

As a long time blog reader and member of the blogosphere, I’ve gotta say I’m having a hard time choosing between the different panels and sessions. I know there’s something to learn for new bloggers and more experienced bloggers / online business owners as well.

I also want to highlight the fact that getting to hang out with people you know online (yay online friends!) is truly a treat. It’s the most inspiring thing to hang out with people who are just like you, but can also bring a fresh new perspective.

So What Do You Say?

Will you be joining me at Blog World Expo this October 14-16th in Las Vegas, Nevada? Let me know in the comments and tweet me – I want to meet you!

Looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned in my years as a blogger and entrepreneur. Let’s get bloggity!

Love, Nathalie

7 Tips for Eating Healthy On The Road (Or in the Air)

A lot of our conditioning around food comes from living a hyper-busy life. Think about it: if you had 12 hours per day with nothing to do, you might start making new types of food from scratch instead of reaching for fast food and instant meal solutions.

Fast food, planes, travel
Photo by Brian Wallace

One of the most busy times is during travel, when food is either an inconvenience or turns into a massive drain of energy.

If you plan on traveling this summer on vacation, for work, or to visit friends and family then this article is for you.

Here are my tried and true ways of staying healthy (and not getting sick!) while you’re traveling.

1. Drink lots of water

I’ve written at length about how much water you should drink every day, and how to drink more water. But drinking water becomes exponentially more important when you’re traveling.

That’s because we tend to be more rushed, to be thrown out of our routine, and to forget to hydrate. It also happens that you never know when you’re going to have access to a source of drinkable water, so always carry a reusable water bottle with you.

2. When in doubt, eat less

One thing I noticed when I travel is that people seem to eat more. Either because the plane / train is trying to sell lots of snacks, or because there’s nothing to do.

I’ve been there before: between a long flight, a never ending bus ride, or a 10 hour car ride… there’s not much to do unless you’re the one driving. So you dig into the snacks in an effort to stay awake or keep your energy up.

What does all of this increased snacking lead to? First, it causes major stomach traffic jams because you’re eating different foods in quick succession. It also leads to major bloating and constipation. It’s no wonder travel messes with our regular bowel movement schedules.

That’s why I recommend you keep your snacks and meals to within a few hours of each other. Bring a book or take a nap instead of entertaining yourself with food.

3. Research juice bars and restaurants

One thing I love about the internet is that you can research the restaurants and juice bars before you even set foot in a place. Make sure that the local listings are accurate, since restaurants and stores open and close without necessarily updating their sites.

I love “Happy Cow” for vegetarian and raw-friendly restaurant reviews. You can search by location and drill down from there.

If you end up at a restaurant that you didn’t research then check out my article on how to eat raw when you eat out.

4. Bring something you can eat on the go

One thing that is predictable about travel is the uncertainty. You never know when you’re going to get a chance to refuel (your car or your body) and that means preparation is key.

Although I recommend keeping snacking to a minimum, it’s better to have your own snacks on hand than to react to your hunger and eat something really unhealthy.

Here are some travel-friendly foods to pack:

  • Baby carrots
  • Sliced veggies: celery, cucumber, bell peppers
  • Dried nuts and seeds in a trail mix
  • Larabars
  • Dehydrated green smoothies
  • Fruit: apples, berries, citrus

5. Go to the grocery store

As soon as you arrive to your destination, make a trip to the grocery store. Most of the time you can grab a few staples, something green, and be on your way in less than 20 minutes.

It makes a huge difference when you have your go-to fruits and veggies for breakfast or snacks. If you can get your hands on a blender or juicer, then all the better. If not, don’t worry – you can always get back on the wagon when you get home.

6. Sleep and rest generously

This isn’t so much about food as it is about giving your body what it needs, but it does tie in to what you eat.

You see, if you don’t get enough sleep then you’re going to be reaching for something sugary or caffeinated to kickstart your body. That’s not the way to go, because it leads to a vicious cycle of sugar ups and downs and will definitely not leave you feeling refreshed.

So make sure you get some good shut eye while you’re traveling.

7. Focus on water rich foods

If you’re going to be veering off your usual way of eating, make sure you’re compensating with lots of water rich foods.

That means if you’re having something a little dehydrating like some wine or coffee, then follow it up with some fresh coconut milk or a green juice. (Both are great hangover cures too!)

Instead of having something salty like salted peanuts, reach for sliced munchable veggies.

Are you counting your miles?

Frequent Flyer?

Remember to stay grounded and take some time for yourself when you’re traveling. If you want to see someone who knows how to keep a regular schedule even when he travels, check out my friend Chris Guillebeau.

He’s on a mission to visit every country in the world, and he’s keeping to a vegetarian diet while doing it. He’s also got a great guide for anyone who wants to get lots of frequent flyer points without the flying.

Where are you off to?

Now I’m really curious about where everyone is going. Personally, I’m going to Miami, then Ottawa for the Healthy Living Festival, then back to Quebec to visit my family.

Family is a theme that runs throughout my travels this time, what about you… why are you traveling and where to?

Love, Nathalie