Are you doing everything right for you health, but not seeing results?

If you feel like you’re doing everything right: you’re eating raw, you exercise, you detox, you sleep enough, you take vitamins… but you’re just not feeling better? Maybe you still experience symptoms or have health issues. Then this video is for you.

Doing everything right but not getting better?

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This is an amazing TEDx talk by Lissa Rankin and it’s worth the 18 minutes it will take you to watch, because it will change your outlook on health.

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Not Getting Pregnant – How One Woman Turned Things Around

This is a guest post by Dawnmarie Childs on Not Getting Pregnant – and how she managed to turn things around.

It was about a year ago that I last contributed to Nathalie’s blog about my achievements through a raw food diet. I was not getting pregnant. In 2006, I was fat, tired, depressed, anxious, constipated, separated from my husband, and infertile. At least that is what the reproductive endocrinologist told me. “Your FSH is too high. You need an egg donor. There is nothing I can do for you.” He was right. There was nothing he could do for me. But there was something I could do for myself. Never one to take “No” for an answer, I researched what I could do to improve my fertility… and I found raw foods.

I Was Not Getting Pregnant – Was Food to Blame?

While I couldn’t find anything in the human medical literature about food and fertility, I did find a veterinary article regarding heifers and their improvement of reproduction with dietary changes. That, paired with the information in Gabriel Cousens’ Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, where he reported that hormonal changes can be improved with diet, I decided to give raw a go.

I was strictly raw for three years and in that time, I went from the above with numerous prescribed and over the counter pills, to needing absolutely nothing. My blood sugars stabilized, my anxiety and depression resolved, my cholesterol lowered to about 87, my blood pressure lowered, my weight was in a healthful range, but my FSH continued to rise.

Still looking for answers, I sought other treatment in addition to the raw foods diet. Clear Passages in Florida, through Osteopathic based techniques, helped relieve pelvic adhesions that could interfere with fertility. Colonics improved my bowel health. Supplements helped replace missing enzymes and essential nutrients. DHEA was to help improve “egg quality.” And yoga was added to open the pelvis.

While I was working toward better health, my online friendship turned into romance. Jerry and I were married in March of last year. I moved from one coast to the other to be with him and with his children. Prior to the move, we looked for further answers at a prominent fertility clinic in New York City. After a pelvic ultrasound and lab tests, the prognosis given wasn’t much better. My FSH more than doubled. My AMH was zero. My right ovary was defunct and my left ovary only had one follicle in production. “You need an egg donor,” was the reply that I was given. Jerry was devastated, but I was determined. We enjoyed a lovely meal at Pure Food and Wine and then contemplated the next move.

“I’m going to go back to Clear Passages for a little more work. And then I’m going to see Randine Lewis.” Randine, Osteopathically trained, converted to Chinese medicine after medical school. She holds annual retreats for those who are fertility challenged. Randine put all of my lab data into perspective for me. “Of course your AMH is zero. You are producing only one follicle at a time. The AMH that you do have isn’t measurable. It doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant.” At the retreat, I received acupuncture, an evaluation for Chinese herbal remedies, education regarding fertility, and a lot of support. I left with a renewed hope. I believed that motherhood was going to happen for me.

There Was Hope for Not Getting Pregnant

A few weeks after I returned to my new home, the herbs arrived. They smelled foul. They tasted terrible. After the first packet of herbs, I was knocked out on the couch for two days. I lowered the “dose.” I was getting nauseous. I continued to be exhausted. Something seemed to be very wrong. I felt like I was going crazy. Simple slights made me want to sob uncontrollably. I called my husband at work, very upset. And then it hit us. I was laaaaate (in Dr. Evil ally Frau voice), by 5 days. “Honey, pick up a stick on your way home from work.”

Jerry arrived with the package in his brief case. I ran to the bathroom. The results came back quickly. I wasn’t sick. I was pregnant! Alexander Perry Childs was born the day after my 42nd birthday. He was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long. He is a healthy gorgeous boy who has more than doubled his birth weight at three months and is just growing by leaps and bounds. He is the joy of my life.

How did I get pregnant with the odds against me? Was it the raw foods? The acupuncture? The herbs? The colonics? The yoga?

By the time I met Jerry, my life was in balance. And raw foods helped bring my physical and mental well-being into equilibrium. While there are plenty of pregnancies achieved in dire circumstances, I was only going to get pregnant under ideal conditions. And thankfully, that was so. Motherhood is challenging. I would not have been supported in my first marriage as I am in this union. I also wouldn’t have wanted my child exposed to the medications that I required previously to function. And I likely would have had it more difficult during the pregnancy had I continued my health-less lifestyle I held previously.

And, as a physician, what did I learn from all of this? First of all, don’t treat the lab, treat the patient. Secondly, the body has the inherent capacity to heal itself. Thirdly, western medicine doesn’t have all of the answers. And finally, eat a whole food plant based diet, and you can achieve almost anythingnot getting pregnant is reversible.

Do You Still Need to Workout If You Eat Raw?

The quick answer is yes! And I’m excited to share this workout with you, designed by my friend Nichole Kellerman, who is a personal trainer and knows a lot about working out and eating healthy.

Welcome Nichole…

What’s up, what’s up, it’s Nichole Kellerman here to give you some killer tips on how to keep your body in top notch from EVERY angle.

Watch Nichole Demonstrate the Workout

Okay- so we all know that being healthy isn’t just about what you put in your mouth, it’s about many components; diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, emotional stability, spirituality and the list goes on.

Think of it like a wheel, if a section is missing it wont function properly.
So today I am talking about the exercise and throwing in some mental exercises as well. :) 
This work out has many dynamic movements that incorporates multiple muscle groups and joints creating a strong, fit injury free body!

Plus I have added some positive affirmations to go along with each movement included in the exercise.

(see video for visual examples and proper form)

1. Side Lunge to Shoulder Press, Balance – “I am climbing to new levels”

-With one dumbbell (5-12lbs) feet together, step out to the side reaching to the inside of the opposite foot.
-Step back to the starting position
-Press arm up overhead and kick moving leg in front of you, to balance

2. Back Lunge To Rotate- “I Love My Life”

-Start standing, with one weight, holding on both sides
-Lunge back (ideally 90 degrees at each knee)
-Arms out, rotate over the front leg
-Back to standing
-Alternate to the next leg

3. Deadlift To Row “Out With The Old In With The New”

-Feet together, legs straight but knees NOT locked
-Both dumbbells in hands bend over, shoulders back, till you feel a stretch in the back of your leg
-Back up to standing, pull arms back, squeeze shoulder blades and repeat
-Advanced perform on one leg (one leg deadlift)

4. Plank With Tricep Kickback “Create Your Own Affirmation”

-On the floor, core tight, hips down
-Keep core tight (belly button to spine)
-Pull one are up, lock elbow into waist
-Kick arm straight squeezing tricep
-Switch arms

5. Cardio Dance Party

-Put on your favorite jam and DANCE!
-This is vital for your health, happiness and heart :)
-Let go, have fun, be silly, get out of your head and into you body
-*All out* go for it, your body needs this

You can do these exercises just about anywhere! And since I’m feeling super generous (I think it’s the green smoothie I just drank kickin’ in ;) I’d love to give you free access to the 10 page Stretch Routine I usually only give my paying clients! Click Here get your copy now.

Then just print and follow with these detailed pictures and descriptions.


Click Here to grab your copy now!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me, I am here to help.


Nichole Kellerman, CPT, CMT
Health & Lifestyle Coach

Nichole Kellerman, is a certified personal trainer and massage therapist with the drive to help as many women as possible be fit, healthy and happy, all while having a blast! Having struggled with her weight and self image in the past, she has now dedicated her life to showing women how to love their bodies and get that head-turning confidence they all deserve! Learn more about Nichole at

7 Secrets to Being a Cool Vegetarian

I’m super excited to bring you this great video by Jeff Golfman! His blog the Cool Vegetarian is an incredible resource of support, community, and guidance for living vegetarian, vegan or raw. Jeff has been practicing yoga for 16 years, he’s been a vegetarian for 21 years and 100% raw for the last 6. He makes living green and healthy fun and inspiring!

Without further ado… here is Jeff Golfman’s cool vegetarian secrets!

Jeff Golfman is an eco-entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and President of Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. , which is active in the research and development of recycling agricultural straw fibers into tree-free chlorine-free sulfur-free paper. He’s the founder of Pulse Furniture, a custom furniture manufacturer that creates sweat shop free furniture in Canada, for clients all over North America and the Founder and Volunteer President of

How to Eat Seaweed: 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Sea Veggies

Growing up I always ate a lot of cookies and junk food. That was my de facto standard. But one day my dad showed up with boxes full of seaweed cookies and seaweed bars.

He figured that we could all stand to eat a little healthier, and he planned on selling them at his shop. At first we all wrinkled our noses: “seaweed?! yuck!”

But over time I grew to like these seaweed cookies. They had a different type of flavor, and since my dad was having a harder time than he anticipated selling them, I ended up eating a lot of them.

The Benefits of Eating Seaweed

How to eat seaweed is not something I learned at a young age… unless you count those cookies. I didn’t understand the benefit of eating seaweed back then, but now I’m a huge fan and here’s why:

  • A lot of the food grown on the land is lacking in minerals because of aggressive farming practices and lack of remineralization. Seaweed is packed with minerals from the ocean!
  • If you’re worried about the toxic chemical accumulation the higher up you go in the food chain, especially in fish… well seaweed is as low in the oceanic food chain as it gets.
  • Seaweed is great for balancing out the thyroid gland, which is responsible for producing hormones that keep us healthy and balanced.
  • Seaweed is pure energy, and if you need a boost it is really easy to add to your daily routine.
  • All in all, seaweed is one of the greatest foods that we often neglect to eat. It is a regular ingredient in Asian cuisine, and can add a great taste to many raw dishes!

How to Eat Seaweed & How to Add Seaweed to Your Diet

I often get asked how people can eat more seaweed, and this article will show you all the different ways you can do it!

1. Add spirulina or blue/green algae to your green smoothies or fruit smoothies. I’ve also added it to my green juices, it makes for a fun mix.

2. Make raw maki or sushi veggie rolls, using nori seaweed sheets as the wrapper.

3. Slice up a nori sheet to top your salads or add to wraps for extra crunch.

4. Use Irish Moss in raw pies and desserts to solidify the fillings, and get some extra seaweed into your diet through your sweet tooth.

5. Soak kelp buds and add these to your salads and wraps. I do this one several times per week, and it adds a different flair to my salads!

6. Add kelp noodles (these are raw!) to your raw soups, raw salads, or make a raw noodle dish with them.

7. Use soaked kelp buds or your favorite type of seaweed to your salad dressings by blending with quality oils and vinegars. You get a great Asian tasting dressing, and you sneak more seaweed in!

8. Dehydrate nori crackers by blending regular cracker batter and spreading it on a nori sheet. Then dehydrate and watch the salty nori turn into a delicious cracker you can’t put down.

9. Make a seaweed salad with any type of soaked seaweed, sliced cucumbers, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds for an Asian feel.

10. Bring nori sheets on camping or cross country trips, they make for a great dry snack or can be combined with fresh veggies for a super simple wrap.

Did you notice? None of these suggestions require you to eat seaweed cookies. But each one will help you remineralize your body, balance your thyroid, and feel incredible.

So go ahead, give seaweed a try. I promise you it gets easier to include in your day to day! The question is not “How to Eat Seaweed” but rather, why not eat more seaweed?

Love, Nathalie