Results and Experiences from my Master Cleanse

This is day 8 of my Master Cleanse. You can see why I’m doing this cleanse, what I mean by the salt water flush, and how I used dry skin brushing to accelerate the release of toxins.

Master Cleanse Results & Experiences Video

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My Experiences with The Master Cleanse

I definitely feel like I’ve been practicing my self control muscles. Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it this far on the fast.

I had set goals to do a minimum of 3 days, and that if I got past that then the 7 day mark would be an acceptable stopping point. The big goal is to keep going for 10 days.

Since I’ve already passed my 7 day mark, I’m just biding my time and listening to my body. The last two nights were a little tougher because I’ve been imagining food.

Remember kids, picturing food with your imagination is probably not recommended while fasting.

Luckily I’ve been feeling great physically. I experienced some skin break outs, but overall my skin is much smoother. My energy is usually high throughout the day, and my bowel movements have been pretty regular.

I’m definitely proud of how far I’ve gotten with this lemonade fast. The master cleanse was just as interesting of an experiment as I thought it would be.

Fasting is All About Releasing

One of the reasons fasting is so transformational is that it’s all about letting go. Letting go of the need to eat every few hours.

Letting go of beating yourself up for not being a perfect “eater”. Letting go of excess toxins in the body. Releasing excess weight, if that’s the case.

Letting go of habits that no longer serve you. Letting go of the need to “push yourself” with work, and taking time to rest if you need it.

With all of these metaphorical and literal types of release, it’s no wonder you feel light while fasting. Of course, it helps that you’re not eating anything heavy.

To celebrate my first fast, I’ve decided to let go of something else. My super long hair! I’ve been growing my hair out for awhile now, and I love having long hair.

But I’ve decided to let it go. I’m not shaving my head or anything, but getting a significant trim will really feel great.

I go swimming fairly often and I want to be able to swim without worrying about the time it takes for my hair to dry, or spending tons of time combing it out.

So if you see me in my next video with a shorter “hair doo”, you’ll know it’s another way for me to release something that might be holding me back.

Until next time…

I’ll be writing about my strategies and experiences with going off the fast in the next few days. I’m aware that stopping the fast is actually one of the tougher parts!

Love, Nathalie