Become A Health Coach

A health coach is paid to help others reach their health and wellness goals or overcome existing issues. Guiding clients to incorporate more healthy meals into their diets, and take part in physical activities is a major-part of a coach’s job. But health coaching goes way beyond food and fitness, and can support an individual’s life goals in many ways.

become-a-health-coachThe health coach also leads others in conquering addiction issues, improving eating habits as well as coordination of wellness initiatives with other health experts. Many people are entering the health coaching field because of the autonomy that starting a coaching practice can bring, and the feel-good side of helping people through your work.

The health & wellness industries have received significant publicity thanks to a growing trend toward taking care of ourselves in our overly busy results-oriented world. Research studies conducted demonstrate that the job market for health coaches has been growing by about 30 % since 2008. This growth rate is expected to maintain until the year 2018.

If you’ve been considering health coaching as a career choice,you’ll find some important tips on how to become a health coach.

1. To Become a Health Coach – Get Educated

Take classes in nutrition, disease management and exercise physiology at a university or community college. Learn how the human body functions, and how food and healing go hand in hand through courses like the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

Align your coursework so that you can gain the degree or certifications that you need in your country or state. You’ll likely want to take your health coaching education further by enrolling in the Holistic Nutrition Lab.

Beyond the basics of nutrition and exercise, you’ll also want to work on your coaching skills. Coaching is like any muscle that gets stronger the more you use it, and there are definitely ways to coach that create better results for clients.

You might learn some one on one coaching practices during your studies to become a health coach, but there’s nothing like hands on experience to really sharpen your ability to lead others in improving their lifestyles.

A health coach guides others to make positive changes in their lives, which can be quite difficult, especially with our media and junk-food culture. Learning to effectively motivate others is key to take on these challenges, and get people healthier!

2. Building a health coaching practice

For you to become a health coach, you’ll be required to set up a way for new clients to find you and contract your services. You may create a simple website that succinctly describes your education and work background but also captures your vision for your clients.

Focus on your ability to help individuals realize their wellness objectives, and deliver lots of valuable information to show your style and expertise.

To get the word out, you could start with passing out business cards or fliers at locations such as recreation centers and parks. You can even offer free monthly exercise at community centers and churches close to you in an effort to meet individuals interested in getting fit and market directly to them.

It is important that you work on your interpersonal skills since your business greatly depends on your ability to relate to your clients. Your ability to develop trusting relationships and communicate with others is crucial to your business success. For instance, as a health coach, you should not direct your patients in what they should do but rather help them learn how to do it.

3. Take your passion for health with you

You can spread your passion for healthy living in a number of different ways. By writing for different publications, taking on speaking engagements, running health-focused retreats… your imagination is the limit!

There are a growing number of corporations that recruit wellness professionals. Numerous corporations concerned with their employees’ well-being recruit health coaches to educate and work directly with their staff members on enhancing their lives.

If you want to become a coach, it’s well within your reach!

Becoming a health coach is not rocket science. It is a field that you can easily enter if you are interested in health and fitness and enjoy working with people to help them achieve their goals.

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