Raw Food Plan To Help Calm Acne Breakouts

Byline: Jill Therese

Growing up, I can’t tell you how many times I left the dermatologist in tears.

juicing stuffsI’d sit in their office, hoping beyond hope and crossing my fingers and toes that this doctor would be the one.

This doctor would be understanding, sympathetic, kind.

This doctor would get it, give me some magic pill to help with my skin, I’d be beautiful, it would be great and I’d never have to think about acne again.

But it never worked like that.

They’d usually look me over, ask me what pills and creams I had tried… and just throw more pills/creams/all-the-scary-things at me. (And then I’d leave crying. Again.)

As I got older, however, I started asking one question at every appointment that eventually changed my life:

“Do you think it’s what I’m eating?”

“No. The food you’re eating has nothing to do with your acne”.

Persistently asking that question (and getting that frustrating answer) ended up ultimately changing my life.

Because I finally got to the point  (after my final dermatologist appointment when I left in tears, again) where the only thing- the only thing – I hadn’t tried, was food.

So I went on a mission.

I bought every book there was on nutrition, holistic healing, acne clearing and after 6 months of some intense life changes followed by a super strict 30 day acne clearing jumpstart, I healed my skin. For good. With food. (Ahem, doctor dermatologist are you reading this?)

Now, while I think every person’s body needs different remedies to heal their acne, I do think that there was one step that I took that you can take to help drastically heal any acne issues, and that is to start eating raw foods.

Raw foods completely changed my body and skin but the most important and noticeable effect they had was that they lowered the overall inflammation in my body.

Inflammation (on a cellular level) impacts almost every system in your body, including acne. In fact, research has shown that people with acne have higher levels of inflammatory chemicals in their bloodstream and can also often suffer from very low zinc levels – a powerful mineral and anti-inflammatory.

Raw Food Plan To Calm Acne Breakouts

Because I totally believe in the power of food to heal, I wanted to share the raw food anti-inflammatory plan I follow every day, try it for some relief with your persistent acne issues!

1. Start the morning off with something alkaline and low sugar.

A green juice is the best idea here.

Try this recipe: cucumber, green apple, kale, celery, lemon and parsley. All of the raw veggies here are super anti-inflammatory and can really help you remove some acidity from your bod.

2. Have a huge salad with at least 5 veggies in it, every day.

One of my acne clearing rules is that I try to have 10 fruits and veggies a day, but sometimes that number can seem overwhelming.

However, when you have a huge raw salad with 5 raw veggies, you’re halfway there.

I keep it really simple. Here’s my usual: romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and an avocado. I add a simple vinaigrette and I’m good to go!

3. Eat 1 handful of raw, mixed nuts every day (but avoid peanuts!)

Here are two great types of nuts that can be really helpful for your acne:

Brazil nuts: These nuts contain selenium, which can improve the skin’s elasticity and even fight infections/bacteria associated with acne. They also have vitamin E and fatty acids (super important here) which help to hydrate the skin while allowing the sebum in your skin (aka oil) to have a better consistency. Ultimately reducing acne inflammation.

Pistachios: Pistachios naturally contain vitamins A, C, E, zinc (ding-ding! super anti-inflammatory!) and folic acid. One study found that pistachios help to control blood sugar, which then lowers the amount of insulin in your blood stream (a good thing for acne clearing).

Try to grab 1 green juice, at least 5 veggies, and a handful of pistachios and/or brazil nuts every day. Over time, you may start to see your skin calm and rejuvenate, from the inside-out:)

Jill Therese is the founder of Heal Your Face With Food and is dedicated to helping you heal your acne naturally, from the inside out. If you’re interested in acne clearing recipes, please click here to take her 14 Day Acne Clearing Jumpstart challenge!