How to Drink More Water Every Day

In a previous article, I wrote about how much water you need to drink every day. Water is great for flushing toxins out, treating constipation, having clearer skin, and just feeling great overall!

That’s all fine and dandy, but what do you do if you don’t like drinking plain water or if you just forget?

Keep reading and you’ll find out exactly how to drink more water every day!

How to Drink Water First Thing in The Morning

One of the most important things you need to do when you wake up in the morning is to drink water. And preferably about 16 oz of it!

That much?! Yes, and here’s why: your body gets dehydrated throughout the night as you exhale little droplets of water. Not to mention that you’re likely not drinking any water during the night.

That makes for an easily dehydrated body in the morning.

Plus drinking water first thing in the morning is a great way to kick start your body awake and flush out any toxins.

So how do you do it? Gradually! Just like Havi explains that waking up earlier is all about waking up a few minutes earlier each week, so it is with drinking more water every morning.

Start with just a sip of water if you’re not used to drinking anything in the morning. Then gradually work up to half a glass, and then a full glass.

You might need to put the water somewhere obvious if you’re a little groggy in the morning. Think about putting the glass on the toilet seat. Or beside your alarm clock.

How to Drink More Water Every Day? Taking Water Breaks Throughout The Day

Another really important thing is to drink water throughout the day. Preferably earlier on in the day, as opposed to late at night. Otherwise you might need to wake up to go to the bathroom!

If you have a hard time remembering to take water breaks throughout the day you just need to put a few friendly reminders.

If you work at a computer, get yourself a little “take a break” software reminder. Every hour it should tell you to go get a glass of water.

Another tip that a friend of mine employs is having a carafe of water to refill her glass, so she doesn’t need to get up all the time. Then she refills the carafe and takes a longer break during that time.

Making Water Taste Good and More Fun to Drink

If you’re used to drinking soda, juice, milk, coffee, and the bazillion other types of drinks out there – settling for water can seem like a step down.

It doesn’t have to be! Water can be just as much fun, and taste just as good as all those commercial drinks. Here’s how:

  • Use a Fancy Glass: If you’re bored of drinking water in a boring glass, get a funky one to make it fun again! Use a wine glass, a funny cartoon glass, or even your favorite mug.
  • Change the Temperature: Some days drinking cold water is refreshing, while drinking warm or hot water can be just what you need on a cold day. Experiment and enjoy different temperatures of water.
  • Add Goji Berries: This is essentially like making a tea using goji berries and water. It adds a little boost to your water, and it tastes great too.
  • Margarita Water Recipe: Add some sea salt and squeeze half a lime into your water. It’s reminiscent of a margarita and it’s got tons of great minerals in it!
  • Slice Some Ginger: Add a few slices of ginger and some raw honey if you want something sweet and hot. This is a great remedy for a sore throat too! Or if you’re experiencing some cold-related pain during that time of the month.
  • Add a cucumber or lemon slice: Similar to the margarita water, adding a slice of cucumber or lemon is a great way to add some zest to your water.
  • Get a New Water Filter: If you can’t stand the taste of your water, maybe it’s time to consider getting a new water filter.
  • Crush Mint Leaves: Mint is such a refreshing herb, try adding some fresh leaves to your water and enjoy the yumminess!
  • Add a little raw cacao: Okay, we’re venturing further from true water here but adding a little bit of raw cacao powderor raw maca powderis a great way to have some really rich satisfying water.

What Are Your Tips?

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite “drink more water” tricks are.

Have a happy, hydrated day!
Love, Nathalie