Here’s the story of the Real Foods Witch… once upon a time, I was known as the Raw Foods Witch. As I experimented with my eating habits and how my body wanted to be nourished I discovered what worked best for me.

Raw food taught me so much about eating a variety of unprocessed fruits and vegetables, and for that I’ll forever be grateful! Along the way, I discovered that there were other foods that I wanted to incorporate to truly feel my best.

The bottom line? Real food.

Michael Pollan was right when he said: Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

So why put on a witch’s hat and fly on a carrot? Because eating real food really does unlock masses of energy, wellbeing, and you know… magick.

Rediscovering fruits and vegetables was a transformational tool in my life: it got me from addicted to junk food to rocking the kitchen. I make a mean green smoothie.

Get The Book!

healthy dessertsOne of the best ways to experience the magick of eating healthy is to replace one of the biggest “culprits” in our diets: processed sweets and junk food.

That’s exactly why I published my book “30 Healthy Desserts You Can Eat Every Day“, and I’m so happy to be bringing these simple and delicious recipes to you.

These are my best sweet tooth raw food recipes that you won’t find on this site, complete with mouth-watering photos. You can read it on the Kindle, iPad, and yes even on your desktop! The cool thing about ebooks is that there are no trees hurt in the process, and you can access it from any of your digital devices… no need to buy a Kindle if you have a computer.

Click here to grab healthy dessert ideas and recipes that are guaranteed to appease your sweet tooth!

What is The Real Foods Witch site about?

This web site is all about taking a holistic approach to healing yourself and your relationship to food. I believe real foods can heal you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level because I’ve personally experienced it myself.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a panacea or a magick pill, and I think labels are more destructive than constructive. My philosophy is that you should eat as much raw/paleo/real food as you want, and call yourself what you want, as long as you’re feeling great!

The Real Foods Witch site is full of recipes, how-to videos, and articles that will deepen your knowledge of health, wellness, and eating real foods.

A Quick Note About Links

If you buy any products through the links on this web site, either from Amazon, Vitamix, or a number of other product recommendation links, I stand to make a commission. I’m telling you this because I encourage you to make purchases from my site if you like the information I provide here for free.

I will do my best to mention when something is an affiliate link, but I want you to understand that my purpose with this web site first and foremost is to spread the joy of real food and whole body healing. Also that the Real Foods Witch website is a business that needs to pay the bills. So if you want to give back, you can do so by making purchases through the links on this site or by sending your friends here.