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Summer Personal Update + Contest

Important: Please read to the end of this post for a special summer wrap up contest! It’s super easy to enter, so read on! It’s been awhile since I wrote a personal update about what’s going on in my life. A lot has changed in these past few months, and I wanted to give you…

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7 Tips for Eating Healthy On The Road (Or in the Air)

A lot of our conditioning around food comes from living a hyper-busy life. Think about it: if you had 12 hours per day with nothing to do, you might start making new types of food from scratch instead of reaching for fast food and instant meal solutions.

Fast food, planes, travel
Photo by Brian Wallace

One of the most busy times is during travel, when food is either an inconvenience or turns into a massive drain of energy.

If you plan on traveling this summer on vacation, for work, or to visit friends and family then this article is for you.

Here are my tried and true ways of staying healthy (and not getting sick!) while you’re traveling.

1. Drink lots of water

I’ve written at length about how much water you should drink every day, and how to drink more water. But drinking water becomes exponentially more important when you’re traveling.

That’s because we tend to be more rushed, to be thrown out of our routine, and to forget to hydrate. It also happens that you never know when you’re going to have access to a source of drinkable water, so always carry a reusable water bottle with you.

2. When in doubt, eat less

One thing I noticed when I travel is that people seem to eat more. Either because the plane / train is trying to sell lots of snacks, or because there’s nothing to do.

I’ve been there before: between a long flight, a never ending bus ride, or a 10 hour car ride… there’s not much to do unless you’re the one driving. So you dig into the snacks in an effort to stay awake or keep your energy up.

What does all of this increased snacking lead to? First, it causes major stomach traffic jams because you’re eating different foods in quick succession. It also leads to major bloating and constipation. It’s no wonder travel messes with our regular bowel movement schedules.

That’s why I recommend you keep your snacks and meals to within a few hours of each other. Bring a book or take a nap instead of entertaining yourself with food.

3. Research juice bars and restaurants

One thing I love about the internet is that you can research the restaurants and juice bars before you even set foot in a place. Make sure that the local listings are accurate, since restaurants and stores open and close without necessarily updating their sites.

I love “Happy Cow” for vegetarian and raw-friendly restaurant reviews. You can search by location and drill down from there.

If you end up at a restaurant that you didn’t research then check out my article on how to eat raw when you eat out.

4. Bring something you can eat on the go

One thing that is predictable about travel is the uncertainty. You never know when you’re going to get a chance to refuel (your car or your body) and that means preparation is key.

Although I recommend keeping snacking to a minimum, it’s better to have your own snacks on hand than to react to your hunger and eat something really unhealthy.

Here are some travel-friendly foods to pack:

  • Baby carrots
  • Sliced veggies: celery, cucumber, bell peppers
  • Dried nuts and seeds in a trail mix
  • Larabars
  • Dehydrated green smoothies
  • Fruit: apples, berries, citrus

5. Go to the grocery store

As soon as you arrive to your destination, make a trip to the grocery store. Most of the time you can grab a few staples, something green, and be on your way in less than 20 minutes.

It makes a huge difference when you have your go-to fruits and veggies for breakfast or snacks. If you can get your hands on a blender or juicer, then all the better. If not, don’t worry – you can always get back on the wagon when you get home.

6. Sleep and rest generously

This isn’t so much about food as it is about giving your body what it needs, but it does tie in to what you eat.

You see, if you don’t get enough sleep then you’re going to be reaching for something sugary or caffeinated to kickstart your body. That’s not the way to go, because it leads to a vicious cycle of sugar ups and downs and will definitely not leave you feeling refreshed.

So make sure you get some good shut eye while you’re traveling.

7. Focus on water rich foods

If you’re going to be veering off your usual way of eating, make sure you’re compensating with lots of water rich foods.

That means if you’re having something a little dehydrating like some wine or coffee, then follow it up with some fresh coconut milk or a green juice. (Both are great hangover cures too!)

Instead of having something salty like salted peanuts, reach for sliced munchable veggies.

Are you counting your miles?

Frequent Flyer?

Remember to stay grounded and take some time for yourself when you’re traveling. If you want to see someone who knows how to keep a regular schedule even when he travels, check out my friend Chris Guillebeau.

He’s on a mission to visit every country in the world, and he’s keeping to a vegetarian diet while doing it. He’s also got a great guide for anyone who wants to get lots of frequent flyer points without the flying.

Where are you off to?

Now I’m really curious about where everyone is going. Personally, I’m going to Miami, then Ottawa for the Healthy Living Festival, then back to Quebec to visit my family.

Family is a theme that runs throughout my travels this time, what about you… why are you traveling and where to?

Love, Nathalie

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Everything is Relative, Including Food

If you’ve been following my journey on the Master Cleanse, then you know I’ve been fasting for 9 days so far. Today I decided to end my fast and eat something that didn’t taste like lemons.

Before I get into it, I wanted to share a little story about my “food relativity” theory.

It all Started with Climbing The Great Wall of China

Nathalie at the Great Wall of China

In October of 2008, my boyfriend and I visited China. My boyfriend being from China, happened to know the cure for jetlag.

No sleeping during daytime.

Hmm, works in theory, but if you’re trying to switch over your internal clock from 3am to 3pm, you’re going to want a nap.

No problem! My boyfriend decided to do one of the most exciting things that does not allow time for naps.

Climbing the great wall of China, of course!

So here we are, climbing this massive and might I add very steep wall… and getting hungrier by the minute.

We ate some fruits before we started the climb, but by the time we reached the top we were completely famished. (The top is also a relative concept. The Great Wall keeps going and going, much like a certain bunny.)

Luckily, this story ends well. With a little forethought and planning, we were armed with two ginormous peaches.

When I sat down to take a bite of that peach, it was pure heaven.

I’d wager it was one of the most delicious peaches I’ve ever had, if not one of the most satisfying meals.

Actually, the peach was so big and satisfying that I could only eat half.

The First Thing you eat after you Break a Fast

Today I experienced a very similar feeling when I ate some solid food for the first time in days.

I’m pretty sure it’s not that I picked the best cucumber, or the best banana in the world.

It’s that I hadn’t eaten, and I was really looking forward to these fruits and veggies. Coincidentally, I felt great chewing and eating that banana and those cucumber slices.

My Food Relativity Theory

After looking over these two experiences and many more similar ones, I’ve come up with a theory.

“The work out and anticipation before you eat determine how good your food tastes.”

If you’ve just swam 30 laps, that post workout smoothie is really going to hit the spot.

After a fast, those few bites of food are going to feel like the food of the heavens.

This can work both ways though. If you just ate a nice full meal, but really want something else… that extra snack might not be as satisfying, or tasty.

I’ve also had the experience of devouring food that I didn’t really like (read: health-nut food) because I was so famished. That was before learning about raw food, now all my “healthy food” tastes pretty darned good.

I truly believe that our body is great at sending us signals, and this whole “food taste/experience” relativity is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce!

Have You Ever Experienced This Before?

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever had a similar experience. Whether you were amazed at how satisfying something was, or you just didn’t like that 6th chocolate chip cookie, let me know!

Love, Nathalie

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