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Icy Pole Recipe

This is a guest post by Quigley Ashton. Nothing in the world is more refreshing than an icy pole on a hot humid day. The weather this past week here in Australia has been so stifling and thick with humidity that even a dip in the sea wasn’t cooling down my internal thermostat. After walking through…

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How to Find the Healthiest Plant Foods at the Market

This is a guest post by Jenny Prince. As a longtime vegan turned real foodist, incorporating meat and dairy back into my diet has been a mental struggle. I still cling pretty tightly to that idea that I can satisfy my nutritional needs without disturbing other living creatures. Beans, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies…

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Why Eat Fruit?

Photo Credit This is a guest post by Angelina Ignatova and she answers “why eat fruit”. Maybe you’re just not a fruit person, or you’re wondering why eat fruit when you’re not sure you’re even eating enough vegetables? We’ll address both why eating fruit is important, but also how to eat fruit at the right…

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