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How to Make Your Butt Look Good By Being Inspired To Move

Hi there– My name is Theresa Stevens and I’m a Samba dancer, a Booty Bumpin’ Teacher & a Pleasurable Fitness Coach. Great job titles, right? :) If you’re getting into caring for your body by eating whole, nutrient-dense food, and you’re ready to add some exercise into the mix so that you can enjoy all…

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Do You Still Need to Workout If You Eat Raw?

The quick answer is yes! And I’m excited to share this workout with you, designed by my friend Nichole Kellerman, who is a personal trainer and knows a lot about working out and eating healthy. Welcome Nichole… What’s up, what’s up, it’s Nichole Kellerman here to give you some killer tips on how to keep…

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Interview: How to Get Motivated to Work Out!

Today I have a very special guest video interview for you to watch.

Please welcome Amber Zuckswert of Epic Self, who writes about fitness and nutrition, while traveling and living the good life. I got to ask Amber some of my personal exercise related questions that I’m sure will help you as well!

Video Interview with Amber Zuckswert

Click here to watch the embedded video.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Amber, she’s got loads of fitness expertise. We had a great time filming, and hopefully the audio quality isn’t too much of a deterrent for you to watch this interview.

Recap of the interview

Question: What is your number one workout tip for people who are busy but want to make exercise a part of their lifestyle?

Amber’s answer was spot on. She recommends that we make moving a part of our day throughout the day. For example by taking the stairs, walking places, biking to work, getting up and taking breaks throughout the day and just moving your body more. I think that’s great advice and I think that all of us can really appreciate it and make happen it in our lives.

Question: What is your advice for people who need help getting motivated to work out?

Amber recommends that we take a look at ways to make exercising fun for us. She mentions that taking a class or doing a fun activity as an exercise routine is the greatest way to really embody this type of exercise. Also getting a buddy or having a friend exercise with you is a great way to keep you going.

Question: What keeps you motivated to work out what you love about?

Amber explains that dance has been part of her life since she can remember. She loves the idea of dancing and moving and she loves the way it makes her feel. She says it’s just something that has become a part of her lifestyle.

Question: What is your diet like and how do you feel on a daily basis?

Amber mentions that her diet consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables and she is moving more towards a plant-based diet. She avoids processed foods. She still consumes meat or fish about twice a week, and she also enjoys experimenting with all kinds of new foods. She mentions that she is always experimenting with different ways of eating.

Amber and I share a very similar point of view when it comes to health and nutrition, and I hope that she shared a lot of interesting tips to get you moving again and exercising for fun.

Let us know your motivation and fitness tips…

You can check out Amber’s blog at Epic Self and be sure to leave a comment and let us know what your favorite motivation and fitness tips are…

Love, Nathalie

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