Winners Announced + Something’s Brewing…

Contest Winners Announced

I had a really hard time choosing the summer wrap up contest winners. That’s why I brought in my magickal assistant Christina to help me decide on the winners. (And so I could be held accountable too!) We went with our intuition, and relied on people’s passion as our selection process.

It was tough! But here are the two raw food book winners:

  • DianeB
  • Faithfulsteed

I’ll be contacting these two shortly.

And now for something that’s been on my mind a lot lately…

Something’s Brewing at Raw Foods Witch HQ


Last week I left off after telling you I had a big “diet” epiphany.

Sorry about leaving you hanging, I got lots of comments asking me what was brewing over at Raw Foods Witch HQ.

Here’s the thing…

This summer something really clicked for me, and it completely changed the way I think about food, lifestyle, and health. I’m talking BIG paradigm shifts here.

I was going to write a huge article about it, film a video, and really shed some light on this whole thang.

But I realized that even though it’s a big deal for me, it might not be what you really need help with.

So before I go ahead and put tons of time and effort into this, I want to know what YOU need from me.

Here’s What I Want You To Do

If you support the spirit of this blog and have gained anything from my writing and videos…

… then I’d really appreciate you giving me an opinion on something.

It will take like 3 minutes.

The first question is: “What free product would you LOVE for me to create *just* for you?”

Anyways, if you fill out the survey then the Raw Foods Witch circle of faeries and pixies will shower you with happiness and wonderdust for eons to come.

Thanks so much. I’m really grateful.

Love, Nathalie