Lifestyle Changes

How to Make Your Butt Look Good By Being Inspired To Move

Hi there– My name is Theresa Stevens and I’m a Samba dancer, a Booty Bumpin’ Teacher & a Pleasurable Fitness Coach. Great job titles, right? :) If you’re getting into caring for your body by eating whole, nutrient-dense food, and you’re ready to add some exercise into the mix so that you can enjoy all…

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3 Mom-Tested Tips for Picky Eaters

Byline: Ashley Srokosz A few short months ago, I was that Mom who couldn’t stop from telling everyone how my son eats whatever we put in front of him with gusto. How we don’t make him special meals. How he even eats, wait for it, kale. Then he hit 20-months old, started using the independence…

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4 Steps to Sanity At Dinner Time For Busy Moms

Byline: Heather Rampolla I’ve noticed that most moms struggle at dinner time. It makes sense. When dinner time rolls around your brain is likely fried after working all day. Having to decide “what’s for dinner?” (once again) can create a lot of stress. Add to it the struggle of picky eaters, it’s no wonder that we…

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