How to Recover from Injury Using a Little Known Bit of Science

How to Recover from Injury

Sometimes life slows you down and reveals the best kept secrets. I had the joy of interviewing Brendan Brazier, a professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. Brendan has been experimenting with different diets since he was 15.  Injury lead to discovery as Brendan’s life shifted him into a high-raw and 100% vegan diet.

Brendan is the author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, and more recently
Thrive Fitness.

How Brendan Recovered From Injury

One day in 2003 Brendan was hit by a car while cycling, and  landed on his hip. Unable to pedal, he couldn’t train anymore and had to stop racing.  Frustrated that he was not healing as quickly as he felt he should be, he again re-examined his diet.

Using this downtime Brendan formulated a type of recovery shake rich in plant-based protein, vitamins, chlorophyll rich algae, superfoods and omegas (click here to find out more).  He was then able to recover from the accident at an incredible rate. He credits this fast recovery to a mostly raw vegan, alkalizing diet and the very low nutritional stress it generates.

As a result, he’s able to train more and recover in less time.  Most of the time, athletes consume lots of meat-based protein, which is acid forming, but choosing plant-based protein offsets the acid and helps the body recover much faster. This journey has taught Brendan that eating lots of leafy greens, chlorella, and seaweeds will improve an athletes overall health and recovery.

He now spends his days not only as a full time athlete but as a writer and educator of the amazing benefits of a his raw/vegan lifestyle.  He is one of only a few professional athletes in the world whose diet is 100 percent plant-based. Thank you Brendan Brazier for sharing this gift with us and for being such an inspiration!

Get More From Brendan

Thrive Fitness

Check out Brendan’s latest book: Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness, where he explains his approach to healthy living for athletes and the regular guy or gal!

Thrive Fitness includes:

  • Benefits and usage of the top 15 foods to fuel workouts
  • 30 vegan, performance-enhancing recipes
  • Strategies to boost creativity, productivity, and mental sharpness

Let me know if you enjoyed this interview with Brendan Brazier, and who you’d like me to interview in upcoming series!

Love, Nathalie